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  • DiscoverAmazingMusic
    A tornado watch starts out your Friday morning I see. I was checking your weather last night to see what the latest was. So far severe storms to to your west. I'll keep an eye on it.

  • NightFright
    11 hours ago

  • TheVideoGamer64
    21 hours ago
    Thanks. I hope you'll have a wonderful remainder of your week and weekend my friend. :)

  • Heavens_Hitman
    Stunning aren't they. You should see the interiors, but I couldn't photograph the inside. I was out and about again last night, and I'm the worse for wear today. My mates are a good bunch of lads, I appreciate having them around. My last bunch turned out to be assholes, they really let me down, but that was a long time ago and in what feels like another life time. I've had a lot of friends over the years, but I haven't always chosen them wisely. This time I think so. On top of that they're not lightweights, which in this country is always a plus lol I met someone last night. A cute little lab technician. She works in a hospital further out of town, funnily enough, near where my folks live, and yes it just so happens she's blonde lol She works with bloods. She kept my mates and I guessing all night though, right up to the very end. We were all keen and I think she knew it. Much to their dismay, she was keen enough with me come closing time lol It's kind of a guy thing, I don't think women are the same, but men compete. It's in our nature. Winner takes all as they say lol Dunno if I'll see her again, but it can't hurt to give her a call sometime. One of my mates took a video of her and I fooling around on the street on the way home. I think the bastard wants to post it on FB lol Lets just say, I've been in more flattering vids. Anyway, the auld pressure valve needs to be turned from time to time, and steam released. Good "craic" (fun) as we say here. Has to be done.

  • DiscoverAmazingMusic
    Hey there Genny! I am getting ready for the weather tomorrow. We might get some severe storms. Looking down the road though you could be seeing some as well if the forecast holds correct. Thursday and Thursday night time frame. Not sure the tornado threat, but there will probably be one. It has been beautiful here. temps in the 70's. I have a big yard so I got most of it done at least before the rain comes in. How have you been this week? :)

  • woojoke
    2 days ago
    I know you know this is a school night, so this is quite a delight having you visit here! I saw Domenic tonight and was underwhelmed with his attire but did admire his braids! I do know the outcome of his dual from last night, but my lips be sealed tight so if you really want to know you must watch the first 14 minutes of tonight's show;) Sleep well, dear southern Belle:))

  • mariapoppinas
    3 days ago
    1bludy compactual backreading starts nahhhhh-wwwww ...Gheeshokt me! >:(

  • hubertgunpowder
    Thank you dear Genny. I wish you a great new week.

  • Heavens_Hitman
    4 days ago
    I bought you many many boxes of Camomile tea to help you sleep, as a thank you. I considered buying you an ample supply of patience to go with it, but you already have tons of that! :) So you liked the photos? Some nice churches over there huh? Well I think there are more Polish in Ireland these days, than there are Polish in Poland. Just like there are more Irish in America than Irish in Ireland. Our tourist board's slogan is "Come to Ireland...we're not all there". Yes "Nu Yawkas" are indeed rough round the edges. Always proclaiming that they are "walkin ere", and telling each other they they are maniacs who need to get off the freakin road. Plenty of "Nu Yawkas" in Poland. They're simply disgruntled over having lost the cold war. That's what I think it is anyway. So do you have any plans for the summer, when the break arrives? Or do full time moms ever get a break?

  • Triple_Cross
    4 days ago
    Thank you! :D

  • woojoke
    5 days ago
    Making butter in school in Florida?? That's cool though i think odd cause i correlate butter with the farmlands like in Iowa where the cows hang out!? I like cinnamon flavored butter atop sweet taters;) So, i bet you still don't know the name of the Jamaican-tinged soul singer on The Voice cause you've yet to watch last Monday's show, am i right?

  • michael_89
    5 days ago
    Oh I know you have a voodoo doll of me :) and deservedly so,considering my past ( and more recent) actions..Yes you are quite a good luck charm to me! Not too kind,just being honest and truthful....I shall try and shoot 2 "darts" and score a 100 :) With you with me in spirit,there is no doubt I shall prevail!...Not long now until the summer (although you wouldn`t know it from our weather) and you can kind of rest....I need your advice,I want a building "project" for the summer,what do you suggest? I hate not working on something,I need something to help me concentrate whilst at the same time creating genius :) You have seen my skills,so your ideas/input will be greatly appreciated...Have a great Sunday.xxx