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  • hubertgunpowder
    20 days ago
    Hello dear Genny. I wish you a great weekend. Love and hugs ~ Hubert ♥ Image

  • Lisa
    24 days ago
    My dear friend Genny, Happy Tuesday and a cold one it is, brrrr !!. The temperatures are going to be very cold for the next few days. If you are in this freezing cold spell please stay warm. Take care ....Love and Hugs :))Image

  • Pisces
    25 days ago
    Hey Genny! Hope you are doing well.

  • grizzlyten
    26 days ago
    Yes Genny, my job is basically 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday. Except I'm on what they call a "compressed schedule", which means I work the 40 hours in 9 work days instead of 10, and every other week I get Friday off. I love it! I find that two-day weekends are just way too short to do everything we have to do. That's nice you enjoy your teaching job. Enjoy your day, my friend!

  • DeeLicious
    26 days ago
    How are you girl? Are you keeping those kiddies in line? Or are they keeping you in line? Enjoy that Florida sunshine as it is snowing my way. I can't wait till spring comes. Do you have a cool season in Florida or is it always scorching? I used to talk to a friend in Adelaide Australia and he nearly froze in the 50F winters..lol Have a terrific week...if we don't speak...:)

  • mariapoppinas
    26 days ago
    genhigurl! i watched til the end waiting for you or anybody i'm familiar with from the journey junkies posters, but tsuprise!!!! haha well, respect to the voice ofc. SP is back!!!!....well, come to think of it, he's never left. his legacy is signed, sealed, stamped and delivered through the great wide divides and will outlive any 40yr back up plan plus seven 70's more! ...don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling....and also to the now feelers of a grand w/end filled with girls can't help it lovin' touchin', squeezin' still they ride after the fall...yeah, winter! havah good1 xoxo

  • Dilhorne
    30 days ago
    Genny, Guess what, ? The kitchen is installed. The flooring isn't done yet though so I'll wait sending any pictures as it doesn't look nice with a concrete floor that has pieces of old glue on it from the former covering. Anyway it's looking good and the washing machine has been installed and moved into the garage. WE had snow but not rally here, a few miles away it stuck and there must be a couple of inches of it on higher ground. It went cold too on the way home i saw the thermometer in the car display say it was minus 2 centigrade ---- say 29 Fahrenheit. What Els doesn't know about trump isn't worth knowing, I think she must be hung up on him, meanwhile it seems I probably won't become Dutch after all. There was the possibility though, I'd been learning het Wilhelmus, the Dutch national anthem. I've also been learning how to eat "Hagelslag" it's just a matter of swallowing it.

  • Brody
    30 days ago
    Smile! Today is the day again. So i like to wish Steve Perry ,AKA the Voice , a Happy Birthday! So congratulations Genny!

  • michael_89
    1 month ago

  • Kandace
    1 month ago
    Hey there Genny, how's the new year been for you so far ? All's well here and we're finally having some cool weather after having a baking hot Autumn ! xx

  • Lisa
    1 month ago
    I have been down to Daytona, Orlando and Miami on vacations. I go every year for a week. Enjoy sitting on beach relaxing and going out to eat some good seafood. It was a lot of fun. How was your weekend? I hope you are having a great Tuesday afternoon. Take care :))

  • woojoke
    1 month ago