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    15 days ago
    CRAZY HOUSE ;) ^^ImageImageImageImageImage... my pic from BERLIN, and the best greetings ! - BALOO ...

  • MusicLivesOn
    17 days ago
    Hey Cheryl! Did you enjoy your weekend? Have any snow leftover still? Lol it's July but we cooking downs here's. Haha. Hope you been well. Now to figure out how to use this site on phone. Might be a challenge but I'm up for it. Much love. Peace & Happiness.

  • Brody
    18 days ago
    Cheryl! Happy Canada Day my dear grizzly 9 or 10 i lost count. So you write Pm's and don't bother to write me some, Ok that goes both ways. Expect a SPAM mail of 52 bombarding you Pm box anytime soon. That's how much I love you! To SPAM or not to SPAM, isn't a question for me. Hope all is well Cheryl!

  • Afrikitty
    19 days ago
    Hello Cheryl, I found this channel of yours and decided to leave a message on it for you. Thank you for your e-mail today, I will answer it ASAP my friend. So sorry to hear about Mark. I liked him a lot and he would often come onto my channels in US and on Facebook and here too and chat about his beloved music to me. And I always enjoyed his conversations. The last time I heard from his was when he came onto my Facebook page and left a message for me, ordering me to return to Metajolt so that I could have some fun here. But, I tried coming back, but this website is a mess and I cannot operate on it anymore. My whole channel was destroyed a long while back and I was so despondent about it that I never tried to fix it again. My whole description was gone - my background was gone, my avatar was gone and the site was so slow that I gave it all up as a bad job. It's not much better at this time. Anyway, I shall write to you over the weekend when I have time to write a decent e-mail to you, as we haven't corresponded in quite a while, even though I have thought about you often. I miss you, my friend. Warm hugs and much love to you, Cheryl. Liz. xoxo (^_^)

    21 days ago
    ... oh yes ! - yesterday was it ~ 40 C° in berlin, i can see a lot of palms and camels in my street ^^ - CHERYL, have a wonderful summertime ! - BALOO ;)

    25 days ago
    hello CHERYL ! - yes - it's okay for me, your US-channel ^^ - when you like it, i like it too ;) ...and wishes a great sunday ! - ( many thanks, i'm fine ) - BALOO ;)

  • Naturelover
    26 days ago
    I wish you a great Weekend dear CherylImageImage

  • DeeLicious
    27 days ago
    Hi are you? I kept thinking the squirrels were going to come over to eat some seeds from your hand...I would be thrilled to be able to feed wild birds...I wonder how they were taught to trust to do that? Have yourself a glorious weekend and I hope the weather your way is warm and sunny your way...hugs xx

    30 days ago
    ... manchmal schau ich auf US ;) - i can see you ! - is it better, go back ? - this is not my way, but luck ! ... ( ... und vergess uns nicht ! ) - BALOO, - ( the german bear ) ...

  • hubertgunpowder
    1 month ago
    Hello dear Cheryl. I wish you a great weekend. Love and hugs ~ Hubert ♫ ♥ Image

  • Brody
    1 month ago
    PS. Cheryl, I tried responding to your PM ,but the mailing system here is broken ATM.

  • Brody
    1 month ago
    oh and agreed on your treasure box, containing Australia Awake. He is a treasure for sure,a nice guy. He has been tortured by some grup ov naste krool gerls , so being considered a treasure by a sweet gerl like you, is a nice change for Kebin.