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    5 hours ago
    oooh sorry, i have deleted your video-comment CHERYL ! - I wanted to answer, but I deleted my answer and your comment was gone :( - but i have read your comment, and many thanks ) - PAAANIC ! ^^

    5 hours ago
    haha, ( ein Grizzlybär bleibt ein Grizzlybär ^^ ) - nice to see you CHERYL, and yes it's cold in old berlin too ;) - but we had a lot of sun today. - have a wonderful weekend, my lovely friend ! - BALOO ;)

  • woojoke
    12 hours ago
    Hi Cheryl! I hope you're warm and snug up there where penguins don't exist and polar, brown, and kodiak bears insist their seals don't resist being had for dinner;) Have a splendid weekend:)

  • Lisa
    19 hours ago
    ImageWishing a wonderful Friday to my friend Cheryl. I hope your weekend is filled with happiness, love, peace and many many magical moments. Thank you for your beautiful friendship and comments, Love & Hugs Lisa :)) xoxo

  • Riffster
    24 hours ago
    Hey there Cheryl, nice to hear from you! Thank you very much for the kind words my friend. One day at a time is all we can do. I hope you have a nice weekend ahead, and please keep in touch!

  • getwellsoon
    1 day ago
    Hi Cheryl, I believe that you looked very nice with this golden shimmering in your hair. For me that wouldn't fit, because I only wear silver jewelry (when I wear any rings or chains or stuff at all, lol). A friend of mine she wears gold and silver mixed, but I don't like it. I always preferred silver and will do so. One time I'm gonna be a silver head- not a golden blondie, lol.

  • Tina
    1 day ago
    Hmmmmm that's interesting. I never tired either one. I use alot of coconut oil good healthy fat. ill have to try the grape seed oil. oh reminds me I wanna try my hemp oil I got.

  • Heavens_Hitman
    2 days ago
    Hi there Cheryl, yes I had a great Christmas thanks. How was yours? Did you get lots of pressies? I bet you did. Mine went smoothly enough I am glad to say. Yes I am still studying away, I have more work to do tonight, but I am enjoying it very much. Getting lots of practice and building up my portfolio. It can be somewhat tricky getting to grips with the workings of Photoshop, the more advanced stuff anyway, but I am making progress. Next up I'll be learning more about 3D design, as Photoshop is all 2d of course. What's new at your end of the world? Have a great start to the weekend.

  • EuroGirl
    2 days ago
    Thank you Cheryl for your kind words! Also, thank you for reviewing, 'Sleep Well, My Angel'. Much appreciated! Have a wonderful weekend! Peace......

  • ProudAustralian
    Cherly have you got a phobia..I like spiders but hey I don't think I like them as much as the girl down below does hahaha Now I know why they call you grizzly bear..That weather you have to and had to put up with would make any bear grizzle hahaha.. I wouldn't last 5 minutes in that kind of temperature..I would end up as stiff as a board permanently..So I'm glad we're sweating our kajones off down under hahaha Anyway Cherly stay warm and enjoy the rest of your week..bye for now..

  • getwellsoon
    6 days ago
    Cheryl, my dear friend! Pardon me for the late reply, but I was so busy at the beginning of the New Year and not very often on this site. I hope your start into 2019 was a great one and you still keep your resolutions, lol. The weather in my place is grey and wet, so I'm glad there's no need to go outside today. Just snuggling in my blanket and listen to music, that will be my Sunday afternoon. Wishing you a comfy day! Hugs xx