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  • DeeLicious
    3 days ago
    Cheryl thank you so much for dropping by my channel while I was offline for a couple of is always to hear from another Canadian :)) Is the video posted above you feeding the birds ? My cat was very interested in watching it...He loves to watch the birds. I hope you are enjoying the spring weather. Did you do anything special for the Long Weekend? Have a terrific week. hugs Dee xx

    5 days ago
    Hi dear Cheryl Have good Sunday and good week !

  • spectreman
    16 days ago
    Love the art on your page Cheryl. you got the sweetest FANS here....glad your here also. :D

  • Brody
    20 days ago
    And NO I haven't forgot: " decorating advice on the living room - furniture places and decorations and so forth. It's very small, and square. It needs to function as a living room, television viewing room, family room - and needs to seat 8 to 10 people." Lol that's asking if Trump can become a great and caring President, like asking the impossible. I say just keep it as a TV viewing room. Than get back to me. And DON'T dress up next week like you decorate your channels. it's like saying ,Joohoo bears here I am come and get it!

  • Brody
    20 days ago
    Cheryl! Been a little while. Sorry bout that, but I did send you my fave price winning pigeon to send me messages outside the social troll infested sites. The fact that you are too much of a nature and animal lover to let him fly that distance is endearing TBH You could have had him fly 1st class on a plane come to think of it? Soooo I read somewhere you go camping next week? is the weather OK for that? or you don't mean tent, sleeping bag. but an all incl. log cabin? Hope all is well you are still my fave Cheryl, the fact that I know only one is a mere footnote in the Cheryl-Brood friendship of a lifetime. Be well Cheryl and enjoy your week away!

    24 days ago
    ... hello CHERYL, where are youuuuuu..................... ??? - have a great 1.MAI ! - your old bear and party-gangster BALOO ;)

  • woojoke
    28 days ago
    What's up up there where bears fish the streams and folks dream of a warm Spring?

  • hubertgunpowder
    1 month ago

  • Naturelover
    1 month ago
    Hello dear Cheryl,it's always a joy to see you on my page.I wish you great Holidays🌷🌼💐Image

  • NightFright
    1 month ago

  • mariapoppinas
    1 month ago
    hello, msC! you know anything i don't? GOOD! i always knew you smarter :)

    1 month ago
    ... hello CHERYL ! ;) - hope you are fine ? - BALOO is later back, was sick :(