Hugtto Pretty Cure Episode 30 - GOGO Around the Wo...
ChronoArcaile18 • 75 views •
21 days ago

Hugtto Pretty Cure Episode 30 - GOGO Around the World! Everyone's Summer Vacation! "Sekai Isshū e GōGō! Minna no Natsuyasumi!" (世界一周へGOGO!みんなの夏休み!) The gang decide to end their summer vacation with a tour around...

Harukana Receive Episode 8 - I'll Keep Our Pro...
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29 days ago

Harukana Receive Episode 8 - I'll Keep Our Promise "Yakusoku Mamotte Miseru Kara" (約束守ってみせるから) Marissa begins coaching Haruka and Kanata by training them to block and receive her ...

RAF Voyager Refuels RAF Typhoons
Expo_One • 58 views •
2 days ago

RAF Voyager Refuels RAF Typhoon. HD Video by Senior Airman Luke Milano | 100th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs | 05.17.2018 -- A pair of Royal Air Force Typhoon fighters fly over the North Sea on May 17, 2018. The fighters received fuel from an RAF...

Kandace • 55 views •
8 days ago

Serena claims she did not see her coach, Patrick, giving her cues. The coach does admit that he was doing so. Do you think the judge was sexist ? Did Serena deserve to forfeit a game, be reprimanded, and to have heavy monetary fines ?

MAFFS II Water Drop Gear in C-130 Hercules
Expo_One • 38 views •
9 days ago

MAFFS Training and Media Day. HD Video by Staff Sgt. Nicole Wright | 146 Airlift Wing, Public Affairs, California Air National Guard | 04.25.2018 | Various wildfire agencies, CalFire, and four military MAFFS wings convened in Sacramento for an annua...

Weekly Dispatch 9.17.18
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6 days ago

MetaJolt has gone forward with some major improvements to a few pages, and we're keen to hear what you have to say about them! Check it out! Become a MetaJolt Partner: Music by CrsytalFissure: https://crystalfissu...

Copying and Pasting Fun!
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9 days ago

I had planned to upload this here since it is all original content, but the file size is over 500 MB, and I fear that might take quite a long time to convert. So ironically, I am once again embedding this one. Any feedback is appreciated as always!

Upload VS Embed
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15 days ago

My thoughts on a long standing topic of conversation over the years. Looking forward to some feedback on this one!

Weekly Dispatch 8.27.18
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27 days ago

The video system is now up for our first set of video partners! More updates to follow! Link to APPLY for the video system: Music by CrsytalFissure: Facebook: https://www.face...

Whispers~ " Give It To Me " 1987
StrictlyMuzik • 32 views •
6 days ago

Sultry, Sensual & Romantic…." Whispers "....LƠƔЄღ Enjoy ❤

AUTUMN SCENES and ANIMALS ~ Happy Equinox Septembe...
CottonCeena • 32 views •
5 days ago

Please enjoy these beautiful Autumn nature scenes with animals. We did not create this earth, so let's please not destroy it. ~ HAPPY EQUINOX 9/21 ~ This is such a wonderful time of year ! A time of gathering, bounty, and harvest.

Kool & The Gang - " Ladies Night " 197...
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5 days ago

Tuuuune! It was always "Ladies Night " BakNDaDay! 🍸 Ooohh Y♥E♥A♥H !!! Enjoy💃🍸

Champaign ~ " How 'Bout Us " 1981
StrictlyMuzik • 31 views •
2 days ago

Sweet sweet memories....LƠƔЄღ💔 Enjoy

Duck, Duck, Goose?
Riffster • 28 views •
24 days ago

Just a quick video of a pretty recent problem here. What began as a few random sightings on occasion, has quickly become overpopulation. All comments and feedback are always appreciated!

Whatever You Want ( Status Quo ) Marcus Nimbler
ProudAustralian • 28 views •
6 days ago

Whatever You Want ( Status Quo ) Marcus Nimbler

Aretha Franklin ~" Someone Else's Eyes &#3...
StrictlyMuzik • 28 views •
9 days ago

...Incredibly beautiful song and sung with such feelin’ by “ The QUEEN of SOUUUUUL”..Aretha really gets to the emotional core of the song. And I Love it..! R.I.P. Queen of Soul.............

Thelma Houston ~ " Don't Leave Me This Way...
StrictlyMuzik • 28 views •
3 days ago

Hmmm mmm mmm PAAAARTAAAAAY!!!! Rockin' to this thinkin' about the 70's and what a blast was had by all!!!!! … Enjoy 💙💚💛🧡💜

Joe Bonamassa - I've Got Some Mind Over What M...
hubertgunpowder • 27 views •
9 days ago

Joe Bonamassa - I've Got Some Mind Over What Matters - 2018. From his album: Redemption.

Stone Broken - Worth Fighting For
TheQueenOfHearts • 27 views •
25 days ago

Stone Broken - Worth Fighting For

MAFFS System Loading on C-130 Hercules (Time-Lapse...
Expo_One • 26 views •
9 days ago

TIME LAPSE: MAFFS system loading. HD Video by Staff Sgt. Frank J Casciotta | 302nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs | 04.19.2018 -- Air Force reservists with the 731st Airlift and 39th Aerial Port Squadrons load a USDA Forest Service Modular Airborne Fire...

T. Rex - Charriot Choogle
grizzlyten • 25 views •
25 days ago


Weekly Dispatch 9.4.18
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19 days ago

After a day of work, we've gotten quite a bit done! The view system won't hold quite so much for review. The notifications system has been improved. The video system has been fixed after M4K broke it. (Whoops!) Link to APPLY for the video system: https...

Diana Bastet Metal Bellydance/Children Of Bodom-Si...
SweetDeadlyKiss • 24 views •
15 days ago

Diana Bastet Metal Bellydance/Children Of Bodom-Sixpounder

Follow Up/Reply
Riffster • 23 views •
7 days ago

A few more thoughts regarding my previous videos.