MetaJolt Halloween Video Contest 2019 Winner
MetaJolt • 124 views •
19 days ago

MetaJolt user Nightfright ( is the winner of the MetaJolt Halloween Video Contest! Congrats sir! For info on future MetaJolt video contests, community events, news, and more- check out the Weekly Dispatch!

Otis Redding ~ " Sittin' On The Dock Of Th...
StrictlyMuzik • 75 views •
29 days ago

Gold ⭐Soul.....⭐ R.I.P. Otis Redding Enjoy❤️♫

Swamp Thing (1982)
NightFright • 69 views •
11 days ago

After a violent incident with a special chemical, a research scientist is turned into a swamp plant monster.

Weekly Dispatch 10.21.19
MetaJolt • 67 views •
30 days ago

The Halloween Video Contest is on! Embed or upload your entries to be judged on November 1st by our panel of judges for a chance to win Amazon Dollars. Also, sorry for missing you all last week, it's all good now. Thanks for watching! Music by CrsytalFiss...

Con Funk Shun ~ " How Long " ~ 1988
StrictlyMuzik • 67 views •
30 days ago

CON FUNK SHUN..........Utterly Ahh-mazin' ! This music touches anyone who has a soul. ԼƠƔЄ💜 Enjoy

Shakespeare's Sister: Stay (Interstellar, Ad A...
Heavens_Hitman • 65 views •
27 days ago

A music video I made for the song "Stay" by Shakespeare's Sister, done to clips from the films "Interstellar", "Ad Astra" and "Contact".

Con Funk Shun ~ " By Your Side " `1980
StrictlyMuzik • 65 views •
28 days ago

I said it B4 and I will say it again, I believe I have been around for too many decades!!! While the 70's were the best ...the 80's had some awesome well....This track is a fine example. Love songs such as this was the norm. Real music, Plain &...

Gene Rice ~ " It's Too Late " ~1991
StrictlyMuzik • 60 views •
21 days ago

Ooohh B♥A♥B♥Y Soulful rendition 🔥 The beat is fire 🔥 Enjoy🔥

Chi~Lites ~ " Solid Love Affair " ❤️19...
StrictlyMuzik • 59 views •
1 month ago

Beautiful LOVE ballad..... Enjoy ❤️

Earth, Wind & Fire ~ " Let Me Love You &#3...
StrictlyMuzik • 57 views •
24 days ago

Every song EWF made touches your soul. EWF RULES... ...☆.¸¸☆✨☆.¸¸☆✨☆.¸¸☆✨☆.¸¸☆ Sit back, close your eyes, empty your mind & Just let the music take you. Enjoy 💙

Commodores ~ " Sail On " ~ 1979
StrictlyMuzik • 57 views •
24 days ago

Sail on, honey Good times never felt so good...! Enjoy💜

Barry White ~ " Never Never Gonna Give You Up ...
StrictlyMuzik • 56 views •
15 days ago

"Never, Never gonna give ya up " married the "MAESTRO'S " style to the rhythmic innovations of disco. Sweet sweet memories on that dance floor. Ooohh Y♥E♥A♥H !! R.I.P. Barry White a true ICON & LEGEND... Enjoy .👠♫💃

Kitten Playing Fetch
Riffster • 55 views •
25 days ago

I just taught my six month old kitten to play fetch! I have had many dogs and cats over the years, but she is the first one to play fetch with me.

Hello Metajolt Friends!
Nathan • 54 views •
14 days ago

Hey everyone! Hope to see more of you soon on MJ!

SEMBLANT - What Lies Ahead
EuroGirl • 54 views •
27 days ago

SEMBLANT - What Lies Ahead

Boyz ll Men Feat. Patti LaBelle ~ " Ain't ...
StrictlyMuzik • 53 views •
17 days ago

"Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" by Boyz II Men feat. Patti LaBelle is a magnificent cover of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's Classic Gem...... Enjoy 🌹❤️

O'Jays ~ " 'Cause I Want You Back &#34...
StrictlyMuzik • 52 views •
30 days ago

💙💜The O'Jays PURE SOUL these guys are timeless. Keeping the love alive..... Enjoy💙💜

DeeLicious • 51 views •
17 days ago

Sugarbear loved to be chased. l will miss the smiles and giggles she always brought to my life. Goodbye, my old friend! :) You're now at peace.

Con Funk Shun ~ " Straight From The Heart &#34...
StrictlyMuzik • 51 views •
26 days ago

This is hands down my FAVORITE ' Con Funk Shun' song. I can listen to this 100 times in a row and never get tired of it. Smooth, Cool & Enchanting..!! "There's a spell on my mind, and you're to blame.(The power of lyrics)🎵🎼They do not make music lik...

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes~ " Wake Up ...
StrictlyMuzik • 51 views •
19 days ago

This song was needed then and more so NOW! Wake Up Everybody PEACE☮ R.I.P. Teddy P ԼƠƔЄ💕

Dionne Warwick ~ " I'll Never Love This Wa...
StrictlyMuzik • 50 views •
14 days ago

Beautiful & sophisticated Dionne Warwick... I'll keep holding on..... Enjoy ❤️

Brenda & The Tabulations ~ " Right On The ...
StrictlyMuzik • 48 views •
27 days ago

Old School memories.....The music has is about change..but it just all seemed simpler then..... Memories of sweet..and simple love songs will be here ❤️ Always & Forever!! Enjoy💕

The Fuzz ~ " I Love You For All Seasons " ...
StrictlyMuzik • 48 views •
26 days ago

Hauntingly beautiful Sweet Soul for all you lovers out there..LƠƔЄღ ㋡/ Let The Music Flow Through Your Soul ♥♪♫♪ Enjoy❤️♫

StrictlyMuzik • 48 views •
17 days ago

The Whispers took this Blood Sweat &Tears 1968 classic gem and added their own flavor...Sensational.. Enjoy ❤️