Everybody`s changing.
michael_89 • 126 views •
13 days ago

A song about changing,ending and other stuff....To be honest, I have no fucking idea!?

Laura Pausini ~ R.I.P. Seattle Mark ~ " It&#3...
StrictlyMuzik • 120 views •
8 days ago

I am in total disbelief... What really upsets me is, I thought Mark was pretty close with the administrators / Developers of this site , and after he disappeared like this you would think someone would have at least tried to contact him. Rob actually cre...

Weekly Dispatch 7.8.19
MetaJolt • 86 views •
9 days ago

The problems we've been experiencing are beginning to be mitigated. At present, for the US at least, we're about 40% of the way there, and we'll keep at it until it's back to normal. The system is patching itself, so things are improving all the time. Our ...

Weekly Dispatch 6.24.19
MetaJolt • 79 views •
23 days ago

Another week, another DDOS attempt. We'll keep you posted as we work through this one! Become a MetaJolt Partner: ; Music by CrsytalFissure: ; Site Help: Email [email protected]

Enchantment~ " I Can't Forget You " 19...
StrictlyMuzik • 62 views •
24 days ago

♫ This is music you can feel as well as hear.♫ Classic Soul..... Enjoy ❤️♫

O'Jays ~ " Let's Spend Some Time Toget...
StrictlyMuzik • 60 views •
27 days ago

Old School memories.....The music has is about change..but it just all seemed simpler then..... Memories of sweet..and simple love songs will be here 💔 Always & Forever Enjoy❤️♫

My Top 7 Seasonal Anime/Shows of the Spring and Su...
ChronoArcaile18 • 58 views •
11 days ago

Well Guys,it's been quite an enjoyable season so far in 2019,Not just in gaming and Cartoons but alot of unique 2019 Seasonal Anime so far in The Spring and Summer Seasons,and so heres a quick Run Down of the Current Seasonal Anime I'm Currently Following ...

Weekly Dispatch 7.1.19
MetaJolt • 56 views •
16 days ago

Progress has been made on a number of fronts, including the notification system! I expect image handling should be back up later this week- we'll keep you posted. Become a MetaJolt Partner: ; Music by CrsytalFissu...

Dorothy Moore ~ What A Difference A Day Makes &#34...
StrictlyMuzik • 55 views •
19 days ago

Soulful Dorothy Moore........ It's heaven when you, Find romance on your menu....😊 Enjoy ❤️♫

Aretha Franklin~ " What A Fool Believes " ...
StrictlyMuzik • 52 views •
27 days ago

There is no denying The QUEEN of SOUL is irreplaceable, and there never will be another like her. May the~ Queen of Soul ~rest in eternal peace. ✞❤ RESPECT... ❤️♫

Carl Carlton~ " Baby I Need Your Lovin' &#...
StrictlyMuzik • 50 views •
7 days ago

"Baby I Need Your Loving" is a 1964 hit single recorded by the Four Tops for the Motown label. Carl Carlton covered this song, simply wonderful... Enjoy ❤️♫

River City Girls - Sneak Preview Teaser Trailer [N...
ChronoArcaile18 • 49 views •
13 days ago

River City Girls - Sneak Preview Teaser Trailer [Nintendo Switch and PS4] Great News for Kunio Kun (River City Ransom) and Double Dragon fans! Arc System Works (The New Developers of the Double Dragon and Kunio Kun Series) Team up with Wayforward (Th...

Whitney Houston " Just The Lonely Talkin'...
StrictlyMuzik • 49 views •
9 days ago

I love Whitney's cover...but am partial to the " Manhattans " Sheer Class & Beauty.. R.I.P. Whitney Houston Enjoy❤️♫

Sunny Gale ~ " I Wanna Know " ~1975
StrictlyMuzik • 48 views •
24 days ago

Vince Montana produced this on.. Old BUT Gold...I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Pure CLASS.... Sunny Gale (born Selma Sega, February 20, 1927) is a retired American pop singer who was popular in the 1950s. Gale reached the Billboard Hot 100 several ti...

Rick Astley~ " Whenever You Need Somebody &#34...
StrictlyMuzik • 48 views •
16 days ago

Club Classic Enjoy 💃💞🎶

Weekly Dispatch 7.15.19
MetaJolt • 47 views •
2 days ago

Site improvements have mitigated the bulk of image related issues. Some stickier ones may persist, but even those will be wiped out soon. Another patch to build on the notifications system is scheduled for Wednesday. We will be posting a more formal video...

Quincy Jones, Barry White, James Ingram, Al B. Sur...
StrictlyMuzik • 45 views •
12 days ago

Sultry, Sensual & Romantic ,ԼƠƔЄღ❤️ Quiet Storm Finest............. R.I.P. Barry White & James Ingram, true Icon's & Legends.. Enjoy ❤️

Get Your Shit Together - Beth Hart
waywardsmile • 43 views •
17 days ago

Get your shit together......Lord knows, this isn't to anyone in particular. I just like the song.

Chris Isaac-Wicked Games
DeeLicious • 42 views •
29 days ago

Chris Isaac-Wicked Games....A little fun with a tune I adore. enjoy xx

Whispers ~ " Never Too Late " 1984
StrictlyMuzik • 41 views •
12 days ago

Never Too Late B♥A♥B♥Y !! Romantic Whispers. Enjoy❤️

Todd Howard E3 2019 Song — It Just Works
Actrogen • 41 views •
25 days ago

Todd Howard, the leader of the much-maligned Bethesda Games (who have had a dreadful few years now) is the subject of a parody of the companies' dramatic fall from grace due to their rampant greed.

Versengold - Haut mir kein' Stein
BALOO • 41 views •
30 days ago

cool ! ^^, - ich mag music-video's die immer besser werden, - das hier besonders ab 2:36 min. ;) ... denke seit diesem jahr so oft ans ableben, da fiel mir dieser SONG auf ... er passt zu mir, - einfach GENIAL ! ❤

Carl Carlton ~ " She's A Bad Mama Jama &#3...
StrictlyMuzik • 41 views •
7 days ago

Love the Groove......... Enjoy 🎵🎼💃

Johnny Bristol~ " What Does It Take " (To ...
StrictlyMuzik • 39 views •
17 days ago

Incredible rendition, Listen to that Sax................ Jr. Walker and the All Stars...tore this up...both versions are nice but the sax is what jams this!!! Enjoy🎼🎷