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Hey everyone, welcome to my MetaJolt channel. I am known as TheVideoGamer64 . On this channel I will be uploading / embedding anything related to any of the Sony PlayStation consoles from the Sony PlayStation 1 to the Sony PlayStation 4 . I have been gaming since I was three years old. My two favorite Sony consoles are the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation 4. I hope that you all will enjoy the videos that I will be embedding / uploading on here. Feel free to subscribe to this channel, and my other social medias to see more videos on here. Enjoy my channel everyone ! :)

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  • heerogonkenobi15
    13 hours ago
    never mind that was chrono who reply from one of his most recent metajolt videos i watch sorry for the misunderstanding

  • heerogonkenobi15
    14 hours ago
    hey brain was that you who reply to my message 1 hour ago i didnt see your message on my metajolt account

  • heerogonkenobi15
    hey there brian thanks for the friend invite much appreciated ^_^

  • ChronoArcaile18
    I've been good:P. I recently got Sonic Mania Plus for the PS4 Which I've been loving it so far which plays exactly like the old School 2D Sega Genesis Sonic Games:D

    how have you been?

  • StrictlyMuzik
    3 days ago
    Hiya, I am good thank you for askin' , How R U doing?
    Have a great rest of the weekend...Peace

  • hubertgunpowder
    Hello Brian. Have a great weekend my friend. Best wishes ~ Hubert.

  • spectreman
    6 days ago
    GOOD, hot day today. walked to a friends house dropped off a copy of DeadPOOL 2 in 1080! 2 1.2 gigs. Had to go to town later on. Towns getting rough though..lots of crooks and trouble. sadly. cops wont do anything bout it.

  • spectreman
    14 days ago
    cool channel...love it Brian have a good coming weekend..almost here..!!

  • hubertgunpowder
    19 days ago
    Hi Brian. Have a great weekend my friend. Greetings ~ Hubert.

  • ChronoArcaile18
    20 days ago
    I';m doing Good,I just Got back from Little Caesars and ordered some Pizza and I'm playing Zelda Hyrule Warriors:P

    btw I hope you enjoy my new video I uploaded:P


  • ProudAustralian
    20 days ago
    That's great news buddy..keep up the good work..lets hope you will be ready for the big track meet next month..I'm counting on you to win the 100 yard sprint in record time ....hahaha

  • ChronoArcaile18
    20 days ago
    yep:P it's worth it,theres tons of new DLCs for it coming out on it every month with characters from Contra,Metal Gear Legend of the Mystical Ninja,it's totally worth it:D