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well guess I am here for a bit...
see how things go...LOL
well the ending of the book is
Were getting a better hard drive...
to Backup very crucial data....
and a new computer
which we purchased costing
over $3,000.00....
RYZEN Processor...
I am basically still at my same apt..
for now...LOL till something else happens..
never know...
And a message to certain people...
I am not ever giving out my emails,
or phone numbers....Got enough spam..
to keep me warm throughout the
NUCLEAR WINTER Korea might be
threatening us with someday...LOL
other LINKS of mine...
ALSO in the WORKS and
COMING SOON 2018!!!!!

Country: United States
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Comments (554)
  • NightFright
    1 day ago
    Baloo is here now after David banned him . You got one star how degrading all the talent you have and that website is just a joke man .

  • NightFright
    6 days ago
    I have been watching Curse of Oak Island new show on tonight have you seen any of the programs ? I like people finding stuff .

  • NightFright
    6 days ago
    Really haven't seen any new movies yet we have tons of snow man. Now all these new channels coming here after David banned them all this place is now alive lol. David even took out RockDJRandy channel and he's been dead what a bad deal that was for David to do that.

  • grizzlyten
    7 days ago
    Thanks Del! Hope you ave a good week too my friend. :)

  • hubertgunpowder
    11 days ago
    Hello Del. Have a great weekend my friend.

  • grizzlyten
    14 days ago
    Thanks Del! Good to see you. Yes, David has banned a lot of people who did not deserve to be banned. Hope you're well my friend!

  • ProudAustralian
    16 days ago
    Sounds like you keep yourself busy Del..good luck with your endeavours mate and your comic horror novel.

  • ProudAustralian
    16 days ago
    How are things with you Del..did you get the new camera of yours sorted out yet..I haven't been on here for a while..just thought I would say hello to you mate..

  • SouthernGirl
    16 days ago
    Have a great weekend my sweet friend XX-

  • NightFright
    19 days ago
    Like the back ground very creative indeed lol.

  • NightFright
    19 days ago
    more people got banned on uploadstars they are coming here wow !! I've been here all the time no place to hide lol . The question is where have all of you been ?!?! lol

  • Snow
    20 days ago
    my connect box is missing. whats up with mitch