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I am your host NightFright A Big Welcome to my Horror Channel I am a content creator, I do movie Reviews, Poems , Trivia Questions or whatever gets into my little head lol I hope it will be enough to scare you . I have two talk shows that will creep you out and blow your minds, so sit back and enjoy, laugh or scream and like I say to all my Viewers " Stay Creepy."
My Other Channels :
My Top 10 Picks of Horror Movies
1. Scream Series
2. Friday The 13th Series
3. NightMare on Elm Street Series
4. Halloween Series
5. The TexasChainsaw Massacre Series
6. Childs Play series
7. The Puppet Master Series
8. Evil Dead Series Good Beer Drinking Movies LOL
9. Hell Raiser Series
10. Psycho Series
Horror Nation I am Great Friends with a TV Host & his name is Doctor San Guinary he has a show called Creature Feature you might like watching his show he has some amazing clips & he gets picked on a lot so sit back enjoy & "Stay Creepy."
Horror Nation I have a bit of a problem with the top channels? In my opinion I wished that we would go by upload views & not channel views I put a lot of work in my videos & how channels don't have any uploads can be #1 This is the way it's set up!!!! & maybe Maklarr4000 can change it soon I would be very Happy at least we would have to earn the top spot.
Best TV series on AMC The Walking Dead
I now have 2 welcome to metajolt pictures & I also have a NightFright wall paper for your Iphone's if you wish to have one please let me know .
This Is My Channel I am here 24/7 so please come pay me a visit anytime Thank You. I wish to Give a Big Thank You to Maklarr4000 for having a big part in this Web Site and Creating our features here.I know MetaJolt Will be a Big Success and more people will come here to share this Wonderful Web Site You All Stay Creepy and Have A Wonderful Day.
MetaJolt has a lot to offer Thanks to Maklarr4000 bc he made this Web Site
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Comments (3413)
  • SleepyHollow
    1 day ago

  • AustraliaAwake
    I think we may have escaped from tinigossip for now. She's run off to her favourite site, UploadStars. Tinigossip really loves that site and I believe she gives David generous donations in return for him reducing the rate at which he bans her channels i.e. 10 channels banned per month as opposed to 20 channels per month. I hope that you're week is going well.

  • AustraliaAwake
    Hey NightFright, that is sad news about Seattle_Mark, he seemed a nice guy and was always very friendly. My thoughts are with his friends and family. May he rest in peace.

  • hubertgunpowder
    Yes, Mitch. I also heard that Mark passed away. We'll miss him. May he rest in peace.

  • ProudAustralian
    That is a good idea Mitch..I really passed away 3 years ago..I'm running this channel between Heaven and Hell..Jesus it's had work at times..trying to hook my internet into just the right cloud..but I tell you what it keeps me out of trouble Hahaha

  • StrictlyMuzik
    2 days ago
    Thanks Mitch, I am the one who told Alex a couple of weeks ago. I posted a video. He was a wonderful friend May he rest in eternal peace...I am still in shock...

  • ProudAustralian
    Mitch that is sad news about Seattle_Mark to my knowledge he would of only been in his early fifties..Plus he had many channels on these sites over the years..And Liz was on Alex's channel as well..she wasn't too happy about the site here..And I would say if poor Seattle _ Mark had his way he would rather be on the site than up there in heaven..Life is short Mitch we never know when the man upstairs is going to make the call..Kandace will be getting a call from Lucifer any day now..That witch is still botting her views LOL

  • AustraliaAwake
    3 days ago
    Hey NightFright, your icon is looking good. I agree tinigossip's cruelness is reaching very extreme and unprecedented levels. I fear that she could be about to subject us to some horrific tortures; she's a very frightening cruel girl. I hope that you have a good week ahead.

  • ProudAustralian
    Sorry Mitch..I just deleted your comment by I'm losing it big time..No things are not good in your country Mitch but you know what I think it's a world wide problem..We have had criminals let into Oz as well..So yes people need to be checked out before they get the privilege to reside in our great nations..But I can see where Mexico is a big problem for you guys..Maybe Trump needs to get that wall up he was talking about hahahaha (Joke)

  • ProudAustralian
    Yeah Mitch..I can see your icon from my end as well my friend..So all is good in the Horror Clan Hood where things go bump in the night and heads go missing ..Stay Creepy LOL

  • SleepyHollow
    3 days ago

  • AustraliaAwake
    4 days ago
    G'day NightFright, she is an incredibly cruel girl at the moment and I fear the terrible tortures that she has in store for us. She could be coming around our houses at any moment. On a brighter note, I hope that you're having a great weekend over in the US :)