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  • Pachirisi
    7 hours ago
    pachi (what did you see pikachu doing there)

  • Pachirisi
    16 hours ago
    pachi (what do you think about the things that pikachu was doing in that)

  • Pachirisi
    21 hours ago
    pachi (see what you think about this new video that i made- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ues-JU7dQ6M )

  • Pachirisi
    3 days ago
    pachi (i'm thinking about getting these games for the wii u, what do you think- donkey kong country tropical freeze, just dance 4, mario tennis ultra smash, nes remix, nes remix 2, and paper mario color splash)

  • ChronoArcaile18
    Thats cool ^^ it's about damn time that ABC Family/freeform finnally started to air the original 80's ghostbusters movies which is a good idea to give new ghostbusters fans new exposure to the ghostbusters franchise which is a good way to celebrate the new Remastered Ghostbusters nintendo switch and PS4 game ^^

    also,to let you know,that stevin spielberg plans to crank up the witty dark humor up to eleven for the animaniacs reboot giving it more of a ren and stimpy/rocko's modern life vibe to it,and also stevin spielberg also has new storyboard ideas ready including having an episode idea where Dr Scratch N Sniff finnally puts and end to that stupid Batman fanboys argument which he'll debate with Yakko saying if The Tim Burton Batman films or the Nolan batman films follow more closer to the source material hahahahahaha ^^

  • ChronoArcaile18








    and allow me to share you the first episode of Kandagawa Jet Girls,^^


    a well as a remastered version of the first episode of the Dic/Saban's Battletoads the Animated series which is just as halarious and witty and nostalgic where Rash,Zitz and Pimple attack General Slaughter and the Dark Queen's Psycho pigs with Cold Ice Cream Slushies hahahahahahahahaaha ^^


  • ChronoArcaile18
    also I was reading an interesting news article regarding the new netflix animaniacs Reboot which will come out next year in 2020 which Netflix were able to get back the original voice actors for Stevin spielberg's animaniacs franchise including getting rob paulson to reprise his role as Yakko Warner which the Warner siblings will continue they're halarious antics to drive Dr Scratch N Sniff crazy and get on his last nerves like how they did to him in the original 90's cartoon ^^ so allow me to share you the videos including a few videos I uploaded,enjoy ^^













  • ChronoArcaile18
    also,I was watching a Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered - Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer and a Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair - Launch Trailer as well as watching James and Mike's ghoulish new Mondays lets play on a cool Ghoulish platformer from Vic Tokai called Decap attack as well as watching part 4 of the river city girls walkthrough where Misako and kyoko get into more cute witty/80's synthpop inspired situations with megan mcduffee's excellent soundtrack ^^ and watching a ghoulish episode of Dic/Saban's Adventures of Pinochio Anime on Dic/Saban's official youtube channel ^^ and watching episode 23 of Star twinkle pretty cure and episode 4 of Toei Animation's Kamen Rider Zero one and Episode 6 of how many dumbbells can you lift as well as episode 12 of Power Rangers Beast morphers where steel the robot tries to teach nate how to play basketball ^^

  • ChronoArcaile18
    as for what I was doing right now was playing the PS4 version of Dragon Quest 11 which I finnally got Serena and Veronica leveled up to level 30 which I got most of Serena;s Beautiful Musical spells as well as Veronica's witty Magical girl Fire spells and Ice spells and not to mention I finnally mananged to kill me a Metal Slime which they're worth 2000 exp points each which i finnally managed to kill me one of those little sons of a bitches which they always run away from battle,but I was finnally able to put one to sleep with one of Veronica's witty sleeping magic spells ^^

    also,I was watching a walkthrough of the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon quest 11 which looks even better remastered and way better than the PS4 version which the switch version included the fully remastered orchstral soundtrack which was sadly missing from the PS4 version including the option to switch from 3D to 16-bit Super Famicom inspired graphics ^^ and also I was watching part 21 of the atelier lydie and suelle walkthrough to celebrate the release of the upcoming new Atelier ryza which comes out later this month in october ^^

    it took me 20 years,but i finnally killed me a god damn metal slime in the dragon quest franchise ^^ I digress ^^

  • ChronoArcaile18
    and thanks for sending me the new "OMG! Exclusive Scene from 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?'" CLip which was ghoulish and awsome which I agree that Nickelodeon did turn up the fear factor to eleven with the new Reboot especially the part where they were getting chased by evil killer clowns at the carnival and how they almost got pulled into the lake by the swamp monster which gives even HBO's Tales from the Crypt and the Dic/Saban's Tales from the crypt: The Animated series a run for they're money ^^ not to mention,that the reboot is even on par with the 80's horror movie "Phenomena" which starred Jennifer Connelly,which that 80's horror movie later inspired human entertainment's Clock Tower franchise like how the clock tower wikipedia article said ^^


    and thanks for sharing me the comparision of the Battletoads and Double Dragon Stage clear theme and the Battletoads arcade game stage clear theme which your right on how david wise reused the genesis version's stage clear theme for the battletoads arcade game ^^

  • ChronoArcaile18
    and thanks for sending me the Rock Candy song from Mother 3 which I agree it sounds alot like the unused River City Girls song composed by Megan Mcduffee which is possible she was inspired by alot of Video game soundtracks and dic cartoon soundtracks when she was writing her river city girls songs ^^ and thanks for sending me the Longplay to the Sega Master system of Dr.Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine which was nostalgic,which despite the limitations manages to stay faithful to the sega genesis versions which I dig the halarious 8-bit versions of Scratch and Grounder from the Dic/Saban's Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon hahahahaha ^^ and thanks for sending me the ""Giant Claws - Dino Crisis Music *1 HOUR EXTENDED*" which was a very nostalgic haunting/ghoulish sci fi/prehistoric song from the dino crisis soundtrack and sounds even better remastered ^^ and thanks for sending me the longplay to the sega master system version of Batman Returns which was nostalgic which I like how the SMS version has a megaman inspired Level select gameplay system ^^

  • ChronoArcaile18
    which for some reason that stage was included in the Capcom super Nintendo version but was missing in the Virigin Disney Sega genesis version ^^ and thanks for sending me the wikipedia article and the longplay of the obscured sunsoft fighting game "Waku Waku 7" which looked like an interesting Humurous/witty fighting Game with obscured japanese only sunsoft characters with a catchy soundtrack which predated Both Arc system work's River City girls and Arc system work's Kill la Kill game (Based on the Toonami/Adult Swim Anime) allow me to share you the TOonami promo for kill la kill as well as a walkthrough of the Kill la kill game,so you can get where I'm getting at ^^





    and thanks for sending me the Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls OST which was very ghoulish and perfect to listen too during the halloween season ^^ and thanks for sending me the trailer to Corpse Party: Blood Drive which looked like an interesting ghoulish game which reminds me alot of human entertainment's clock tower franchise and Dic/saban's/Hasbro's Haunted house: secrets of the Ghost ball Anime ^^