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  • Pachirisi
    13 hours ago
    pachi (i got the xecuter sx pro now)

  • Pachirisi
    2 days ago
    pachi (i'm trying to think about what to do when i get the xecuter sx pro, i have 3 choices, backup the saves on my first switch and transfer to second switch, transfer everything to second switch and make a new save on first switch, or keep everything on first switch and get the pokemon i have from here on second switch to do battles- https://www.jbpokestore.com/ what do you think)

  • ChronoArcaile18
    cool I'll listen to those now ^^ allow me to share you the first episode of Hasbro/Saban's Power Rangers Beast Morphers which Shuki Levy and Noam Kaniel will continue to do the Music Soundtracks like always even after Dic/Saban merged with Hasbro Studios ^^, which thanks to the merger, Dic/Saban (AKA: Hasbro/Saban) now have a much higher budget than they did with previous power rangers seasons which they went with a more futuristic vibe for Power Rangers Beast morphers ^^


    and allow me to share you Nintendo Complete's Playthrough of The Final Fight 1 Arcade game and Mega Man X 2,enjoy ^^



  • ChronoArcaile18
    btw,since yesterday was Easter sunday,allow me to share you a witty Easter themed Rom Hack of Super Mario World I found as well as a witty Halloween themed rom hack of Kirby's Adventure I found,enjoy ^_^





    enjoy ^^

  • ChronoArcaile18
    and thanks for sending me the Longplay to Konami's Thunder Cross Loop3 which looked like a pretty cool shoot;em up game which is on par with Konami's own Salamander and Gradius series ^^ and thanks for sending me the article on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini Collection which is cool they're gonna include earthworm jim as well as Disney's Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse and World of Illussion: Starring Mickey and Donald as well as Super Fantasy Zone ^^

    and what did you think of all the videos I sent you 3 weeks ago as well as the Power Rangers Beast Morphers Wikipedia artical which talked about Dic/Saban merging with Hasbro Studios ^^

  • ChronoArcaile18
    and thans for sharing me the Longplays and Soundtracks to the Famicom Version of Labyrinth which was one of the better movie licenced NES Games indeed which thank goodness the Atlus composers and developers stayed faithful to david bowie 80s pop songs from the movie which thank goodness the famicom Labyrinth game wasn't a failure like with LJN's/Atlus's The Karate Kid and LJN/Atlus's Friday the 13th but i digress ^^ and also the labyrinth game was an interesting action/rpg which is on par with capcom's Willow ^^

    and thanks for sending me the entire full soundtrack to the Remake Version of Resident Evil 2 which is just as ghoulish and scary as the original 90's N64/PS1's Versions of the Resident evil 2 soundtracks ^^ and thanks for sending me the trailer to the konami 50th anniversary arcade classica collection compilation which is cool that they're finnally able to release the original arcade versions of Contra and Super C as well as Konami's Haunted Castle and it's cool that they;re finnally gonna release the NES Version of Kid Dracula which is about damn time which gamers at the time only got the game boy version which for some reason Konami at the time never released the Famicom version up untile now,but i digress ^^

  • ChronoArcaile18
    and thanks for sending me the Longplays to Hudson's Soft's Felix the Cat and Konami's Stinger which were nostalgic and thanks for sending me the trailer to the upcoming Live action 2019 remake of Disney's Aladdin which looks awsome so far which it stays faithful to the original 1992 animated film for the most part except getting iconic Fresh Prince of Bel Airs Will smith to play the genie which he does his own unique halarious witty take on the genie but still stays faithful to the late Robin William;s version of the Genie ^^ and thanks for sending me the Violin Cover version of the Ballad of the Wind Fish (Zelda "Link's Awakening theme which was a lovely cover ^^

    and thanks for sending me the 4 hour Symphonic Suite SUIKODEN ~presented by JAGMO~ Soundtrack which was blood pumping epic ^^ and thanks for sending me the "GoldenEye Dev David Doak On Shaking (And Stirring) The FPS Genre On Console" Which they talk about the Goldeneye 64 N64 game and how it came to be which was an interesting read,and thanks for sending me the nintendo complete playthroughs of Konami's X-men the Arcade and Konami's Bucky O HAre which still awsome arcade games til this day which sadly neither of them got ported to the Super Nintendo which the simpsons arcade game suffered the same fate,but I digress ^^

  • ChronoArcaile18
    Now that I finnally finished my chores,I can finnaly give my thoughts on the videos you sent me 3 weeks ago ^^ Thanks for sending me the Nintendo longplays of Dragon Spirit: The New Legend and Metal Storm which were both very nostalgic ^^ and thanks for sharing the The Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap - Story Orchestra video which was a cool orchestral remix of the GBA Zelda Minish cap songs as well as the Resident Evil 2: Roundtable Part 2 video which was another cool Interview Video ^^

    And thanks for sending me the longplay of Konami's underated Ninja Five-O (Game Boy Advance) which was an interesting Ninja Gaiden/Shinobi clone which also has gameplay similar to capcom's bionic commando which I also noticed that Hudson Soft/Konami used the exact same gameplay engine from Konami's own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends 2: Battle Nexus for the Game Boy Advance which 4kids Entertainment got permission of Konami/Hudson Soft to reuse Ninja Five O's gameplay for TMNT Legends 2: Battle Nexus which I'll share you a longplay of it so you can compare the simularities ^^


  • ChronoArcaile18
    true ^_^ Thats a cool fun fact indeed that the shredder parody character the Izendizer/Sailty pete was voiced by Jim Cummings who voiced Cat in Nickelodeon's Cat dog as well as Pete in Goof Troop and Robotnik from Dic/Saban's Satam ABC Sonic the Hedgehog and also,I also noticed that the Kid Deer character from the "Montana Max goes Deer Hunting" Episode has the same voice actor who would later go on to Voice gerald in Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold ^^ Since both characters had the same laid back personality on what it means to be a cool happening black dude ^^ hahahahaha^^

    also,.allow me to share you a cool witty Nintendo Power walkthrough of Final Fight 2,enjoy ^^


  • ChronoArcaile18
    Also,as for what I was doing was watching a halarious Tiny Toon Adventures episode Where Buster Bunny suggests that Montana Max should try out going Deer Hunting instead of Rabbits which Buster instead trolls Montana Max and saying that it's bear season instead which is still priceless til this day ^^


    enjoy ^_^

    also,I was playing more dragon Quest 2,which I'm trying to level grind the Princess of Moonbrooke to at least level 20 before I attempt to tackle Hargon's Castle ^^

  • ChronoArcaile18
    Cool ^_^ I love me some animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures,I'll take a look at those clips now and give my thoughts on the other videos as soon as possible which i've also been slow on replies which i've been extreamly busy all week doing chores which my house payment support manager said I had to take responsability in keeping our front and backyard clean,but i digress ^^ be sure to also let me know your thoughts on the videos I sent you 3 weeks ago ^_^

  • Pachirisi
    9 days ago
    pachi (what would you think if i did one of those things for this video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcdlHTUPSY4 and this one- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcCQDr7yKOk )