Privacy Policy

At MetaJolt, our user's privacy and security is our foremost concern. The statement below will explain what information and data we collect from you, and how we use it.

MetaJolt collects your personal information to operate effectively, and offer you the best possible user experience while on our site. You provide some of this information directly, such as when you register an account with us, input personal details into your channel, upload videos, or other content. We receive some of your data by how you interact with MetaJolt, in part through our use of browser cookies. We also obtain information via our internal error reporting system, and third parties (including other companies and services).

Your data is used to personalize, advance, and improve your user experience. We use some data to personalize advertisements to be relevant to you. We do NOT use information from personal messages (PM's), comments, user inputed channel data, chat, or media files to personalize advertisements.

MetaJolt will only share your personal data with your consent or as necessary to complete any transaction or provide any service you have requested or authorized. The only other instances where personal information would be in instances where it would be legally required, to protect MetaJolt users and/or intellectual property, or to save lives in dangerous situations.

You can modify your information under the settings tab in the upper right corner of the home page, and in the tabs housed within that. There you may opt out of any promotional emails from MetaJolt.

MetaJolt uses cookies (very small text files placed on your browser or device) and similar such technologies to facilitate our services, and collect necessary data. Cookies allow MetaJolt to store your preferences, sign you in, combat fraudulent activities, provide personalized advertising, and check the status of our site and services.

You may disable, block, and delete any cookies provided by MetaJolt using the controls within your device or browser, but be aware that this will limit or hamper your abilities to use MetaJolt, and impact your user experience significantly.

By using MetaJolt you agree to our cookie policy.

By using MetaJolt, logging into MetaJolt services, or viewing MetaJolt media you agree to our PRIVACY POLICY, and the privacy policy of our advertisers.

The following data is collected by MetaJolt for all visitors:

Your IP address, used to facilitate your connection to MetaJolt, and to maintain our view counters, and ban system.

The following data is collected for registered MetaJolt users:

Your email address, to allow site communication and account verification.

Your birthday, to verify you are of the appropriate age to use MetaJolt.

Your provided data (such as your username, country, channel type, etc.) used to identify and categorize your channel within the MetaJolt community.

Your media (videos, embeded files, avatars, thumbnails, backgrounds, banners, and other customization) used to deliver your media across MetaJolt, and to allow for the use of our customization services.

This data is able to be altered or removed by the user via the settings menu under their account tab in the upper right hand corner.

To request your channel be deleted, log in to the channel in question and submit a deletion request via the support tab at the bottom of the home page. A simple “delete my channel” will suffice. Your channel will be added to the deletion queue by site staff, and it will be erased within 48 hours.

To maintain the integrity of our ban system, MetaJolt retains the registered and last logged IP address of closed channels, as well as the name of the channel in our private database.