As stated in the TERMS OF SERVICE all MetaJolt users agree to the following:

You agree that you have all legal licenses, copyrights, and trademarks for all user content posted to MetaJolt. By posting user content to MetaJolt you agree that you are the legal owner of the user content, or the legal agent of the legal owner of the user content acting with full rights, licenses, copyrights and trademarks allowing the media to be posted. MetaJolt does not scan, search, or otherwise analyze user submitted content beyond the restrictions posted below. To report a piece of media as allegedly infringing upon a license, copyright, or trademark, use our “Copyright” form for prompt assistance.

To file a copyright take-down notice, please use the "Copyright" option in the contact us section, or via the "Copyright" tab on the bottom of the home page.

As pursuant to MetaJolt's transparency policy, if the media is deemed infringing, access to said media will be disabled, and a report loaded into it's place. This report will include the full name, email, and contact information of the party that has requested the media removed, and will be publicly displayed at the media's location from that point forward.

We thank you for your cooperation and adherence to these policies.

- MetaJolt

June 2016
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October 2016
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