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I'm the time ...

"My kingdom is small and too far for you,to tread my path.
I am the time.
I am the time which creeps and hurries,
Beats wounds and heals wounds.
I have neither heart nor eyesight
I don't separate the Good Ones and Bad Ones.
I don't hate anyone, no one I'm sorry.
I am the time.

There is only one thing, want entrusted to you.
You are too loud!
I do not hear the seconds,
I do not hear the step of the hours.
I hear you praying, cursing, crying,
I hear the shots in between;
I only listen to you, only to you alone ...
You people, pay attention what I want to say:
Be finally silent!

You are a particle of dust on the garb of the time,
Let the battle!
Small as a dot is the planet,
Circles with you in the universe.
Microbes do not cry.
And if you do not want to be wise,
At least you can be quiet.
Keep silent face to face the ticking of infinity.

Listen to the time!"

------------------------------------------------------------(by Erich Kästner)
Country: Germany