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I am Jaggers. I left US on my own free will. I blacked out my channel and Avatar. I deleted 508 videos one by one, taking 2 1/2 hours but well worth it. I left 4 videos to make a statement.
1. Pissed off and Mad about it (THC)
2. Leaving (THC)
3. She's a beauty (one in a million girl) The Tubes
4. Head like a Hole. (NIN)
I first played Pissed off and mad about it but after deleting my videos I played LEAVING and never went back. After David seen it n got my statement he took my channel down which that's what I wanted. He didn't ban me.
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  • ProudAustralian
    Tina music is life my friend..it gets us through our darkest days..that's for sure..so how many kitty cats have you got these days..I know when you were on utube..you had 3 or 4 didn't you..Yeah Ozzy Rocks Big Time....

  • ProudAustralian
    Yeah for sure you have to have an attitude like that..to get through each day..as they say only the strong survive..and plus I think if you believe in yourself..nothing can hold you back..

  • ProudAustralian
    That's ok.. yeah life can be a very rough ride at times..as you would well know..with losing your hubby..yeah I'm going ok thanks for asking...so have you seen you dad lately..last time we wrote on here..you were going to see him..

  • Venus
    5 days ago
    a hello for Tina.---sweet greetings from Venus-xImage

  • michael_89
    5 days ago
    Hello Tina,I`m feeling a bit better today thank you...I bet it`s a lot colder there than here? How`s the blazing fire going? I bet it`s really cozy? I just hace central heating,it`s warm but nothing to look at...Wishing you a fabulous weekend.XXXXXXXX

  • NightFright
    6 days ago
    I went to the foot doctor today had a bad cut all healed now. I am now waiting on getting some help for me in the pool. I do Aquatic therapy and I am getting stronger . I will keep you posted on my drama side lol.

  • Lisa
    6 days ago
    Good morning Tina, I am so glad it is Friday!! I know you will have another fire going in the fireplace this weekend. I can hear the wood crackling now. I don't know how you do it all by yourself. You are a strong woman with a lot of love in her heart. Never change Tina. Take care and always know you have friends here. I am happy to be one of them. :))xoxo

  • NightFright
    6 days ago

  • NightFright
    6 days ago
    doing good possible snow this weekend . I agree what you said we need to look for a brighter day ahead of us and leave US behind making new friends and asking how their day went can lead us to along friendship .

  • woojoke
    6 days ago
    Hi, i'm co0ol but not cold though the weather is! Thanks for asking and the visit and have a fantastic day:))

  • DeeLicious
    7 days ago
    Wow I love the awesome lion on your channel. Sorry, we didn't chat yesterday...It was just one of those days. I enjoyed the pic you sent me though. Now I am going to check out your latest tune. Hope to chat soon. hugs sis xxx

  • Brody
    7 days ago
    Tina, did Baloo the cuddliest bear on the net , tell you how to put a vid. in the widget? if so plz tell me? How are you Tina? all this talk about a fire and such, makes me think it's cold where ya at? So indeed stay warm Tina!

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