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Hello Metajolt, it is me spiderfan here! I do a series called Spiderfan On and another called Here's a commentary. Top 10 most subscribed channel on ZippCast and VidBit.

Internet Journeyman, #1 Enemy of ZippCast, considered the most hated user on ArenaFan as well as Dallas Cowboys Universe and am so hated by the VidLii community some schmucks actually wrote a crazy long section of the VidLii ED page about yours truly. Undefeated in internet disputes. Have forgotten more about the alternative site community than most people will know, whether that is a good thing or not is up to you. Uploaded first non-admin video to Metajolt and was a beta tester.

Official NFL Analyst for Sports Coast to Coast:

I'm on Vidi Nation: http://vidigosocial.net/user/spiderfan

"You either a die or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" -Harvey Dent

"I had a friend one time that said why had, why had he become so popular after he became 85? And he said 'because I outlived all those SOBs that didn't like me'." - Bobby Knight

"Spider, I might just have to nickname you "Gasoline!""-DiamondThief

"Pioneer in the community" -Mario Walker
Country: United States
Comments (178)
  • Cameron
    5 months ago
    Lack of activity, so just removed it. Only really wanted it for Development purposes, but now the site is pretty much released. No point.

  • noerzzz
    6 months ago
    what is your favorite spiderman movie and favorite spiderman cartoon?

  • stan83offical
    7 months ago
    oh shit
    it's you >:-(

  • spectreman
    7 months ago
    vidlii sux ass I agree...

  • Valis
    10 months ago
    bunch of pussies banned my vidlii account for no reason. Ha! that's what happens when you have haters run your site.

  • Maklarr4000
    11 months ago
    What do you think about this new XFL-esque league they're building? From what little I've heard it sounds like it could be pretty substantial!

  • Maklarr4000
    11 months ago
    I'll miss Nelson on the Pack Attack, but I understand why they're shaking things up- we can't have a repeat of last years total fiasco if any of the remaining management wants to keep their jobs.

  • Maklarr4000
    12 months ago
    Fort Fantasy is a test site I had rigged up years ago so we could safely test plugins for Vidi. Then we left it up and running, and I started using it for object storage, and then it sort of took on a life of it's own.

  • Maklarr4000
    1 year ago
    Having a blast with the new season, though it's pretty sad to hear all the bad news. Sounds like the IFL is really hurting financially.

  • KratosOnMetaJolt
    Thanks a bunch.

  • UnderCloud
    1 year ago
    Happy New Year right back at yeah!

  • UnderCloud
    1 year ago
    I'm glad to be back! I got side-tracked by other hobbies for several months, so I have a lot of catching up to do.