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  • Pisces
    2 years ago
    Don't be afraid to hit that sub button I won't disappear on ya here lol. Happy freaking day! Look who it is! Flipping sliding herself! By the way please tell me you are not using a phone on this site. It's a real botch. I'm actually on the phone myself and this will be my second comment using it. I hope my video helps you though. By the way welcome to MJ! Its peaceful here. Sometimes too peaceful. Glad to be reconnected Maria! I wouldn't know how to find ya on YT. There is glitches here. I know that refresh one can get annoying. Also Private messages do not always work. I have address these issues to the head people in charge. This is a fun place. But now you will bring more fun. Hahaha. Goodnight to you!

  • grizzlyten
    2 years ago
    Yes, we do need some beautful distraction here, as you say. You arrived just in time! :)

  • grizzlyten
    2 years ago
    Mac? :)

  • michael_89
    2 years ago
    Lol...FIRST!! I broke your cherry,so to speak :) Welcome xxxxxxxx

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