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  • ChronoArcaile18
    for Chrono Trigger,well Zalure,as a long time fan since i;ve followed the franchise since the mid 90's,the Super Nintendo version is a cult classic,so I can';t be too harsh on it since it brought new evolution to the RPG The Super Nintendo version's soundtrack is a cult classic indeed which deserves an honerable mention in Nintendo/RPG history,but at the same time,the DS version has so much more to offer especially the secret Hidden Boss for this version "The Dream Eater" now thats a badass song!

    the DS Version is defentially the way to go,it improved the flaws from the crappy PS1 version and expanded on the cult SNES classic version,I wouldn't mind a new 3D Remake which I would pay a Dime to see that happen,I mean hey! if they were able to turn Seiken Densetsu 3 into a successful Remake,than why not Chrono Trigger?

  • ChronoArcaile18
    That annoying space police Dog Bitch (No pun intended) from the latest Star Twinkle was annoying as hell and my ears were bleeding just listening to her voice?

    Lets review this,shall we,we have a female anthromorphic space police dog/bounty hunter right? ok,thats fine and all,but good lord,when it comes to these type of anthromorphic female characters,the Bomberman Jetters Anime did this alot better the anthromorphic female cat character named Misty:

    this female dog space police bitch however is not Her,I know this is suppose to be a Tie in to the Star Twinkle movie and all,but why give the short end of the stick to the other cures in this episode,especially brain dead ditsy hypocrite Hikaru? I can see why Fans and Toei Animation pefer lala over hikaru and consider her the true main character.

  • ChronoArcaile18
    Oh and about Yuri Lowell? uhhhhhhhhh...............don;t even get me started on that ass clown of a voice actor,I despise him more than Cristina vee!

    funny though,i've now forgiven cristina vee which she has defentially redeemed herself with River city yes,I still despise her poor work on the Nanoha dubs,but she's now defentially improved on river city girls:P

    going back to Yuri Lowell, Yes,this number 1 ass clown of a voice actor with his annoying fanbase is the main reason I despise Naru-fail with a Passion because this ass clown voiced my most hated anime character in general Sasu-gay (AKA: Sasuke),again,thats not a Ninja show what so ever which doesn't deserve the overhype it gets which ignorant fanboys put it up on high pedestral for what ever bizzare reason whatsoever!

    Speaking of Ninja Animes,are you aware of this amazing movie called Black Fox Zalure? because after seeing this:

    Now this is a real Ninja Anime,the Kind I've been waiting for since Day one,an actual badass awsome female Ninja that isn;t a useless ditz. sadly this isn't a tv series but a one shot movie short but an amazing one at that Zalure:P

    Once again,Naru-Fail does not compare to this What so ever!

  • ChronoArcaile18
    Oh WOW! interesting you never knew which versions I conquered,Well Zalure,I didn't name my Channel "Chronoarcaile2018" for nothing you

    I've beaten Every version.XD i've been a fan of the original Super Nintendo Version since

    as for the DS version,while I've completed all the regular missions but for this version the only dungeons I have yet to 100% complete are the new exclusive extra dungeons for that particular version. and this is coming from a Chrono fan such as myself since I've been following the franchise since the 90'

    THe playstation versions alright but not as good as the DS and SNES version,what makes this version extreamly lackluster is the rediculous slowdowns and load times as with most Playstation 1 games in general from that era.

    and yes,While we're on the subject,I've also 100% completed it's direct sequel Chrono Cross,Kid was the best part of that

  • ChronoArcaile18
    all I can say for now Zalure is that hopefully the next upcoming 2020 season goes back to the formula that made the older seasons great,and since precure fans have been saying that since this new upcoming season will be a new era of precure since the Heisei era ended which now the new reiwa era has started,hopefully we can get some good quality seasons again,but I doubt it with the direction star twinkle is going right now.

    Also,wanted to show you this I found on

    No joke,a SMB1 rom hack which focuses on princess Peach and Princess Daisy getting now this has got to be the weirdest rom hack I've ever played which is pure comedy

  • ChronoArcaile18
    Suite spent most of it;s first half from that season slowly building up Hibiki and Kanade's friendships even with they're priceless bickering which in the 2nd half,they took they;re time slowly introducing Cure Beat (my least fav) and Cure Muse (despite coming late into the series,still managed to have some awsome episodes) sadly,I can't say the same with Mahou tsukai,because even with just only 3 cures from that season,they wasted so much potential with it's poor use of it's Witch/Magic themed motif.

    whats happening with these recent modern seasons now is the writers are just rushing these new cures out the door introducing way too many cures at once without giving enough proper time to develop them,this is the biggest problem thats been effecting KiraKira,Hugtto and Star twinkle right now,they introduced Cure Cosmos way too soon/fast into the series without proper development.

  • ChronoArcaile18
    With the exception of Crono from Chrono Trigger (Which he's the only Good Male RPG Protagonist dued to his amazing time travel abilities and lightning abilities,I named my user name "Chronoarcaile2018' for a,but every other male RPG protagonist if Garbage such as my most hated ones,Cloud Strife (FF7),Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia) and especially Rue (From threads of fate)

    also,I beleive the main issue with the modern precure seasons which they need to take notes from the original early 2000's Heisei era older precure seasons is,they need to go back to just introducing 2 cures just focusing on them before introducing any new cures,what made the older seasons great (even with Yes 5 to a lesser degree despite introducing 5 cures) is that Futari wa got it down perfect introducing yes Cure Black and White in season 1,untile they sort of ruined that with it's direct sequel Max Heart when Shiny Luminous came in. Fresh also got it down good with just 3 cures in the first half and even when cure passion came in in the 2nd half,they managed to keep up the quality without dragging it down.

  • ChronoArcaile18
    oh and to answer your last question,didn't care for the male character Luminary,even in his own actual Game,he's Bland and useless just like in Smash ultimate,as I mainly got that game for Veronica

    Serena's ok,but for the most part,she's mainly only good for healing spells,but if you equip her with Spear weapons,she's a powerhouse,but no where near as good as her younger sister

    Jade is the 2nd best female character in the game. and didn't care for that ass clown Erik either,which I don't blame Veronica for calling him an moronic ass clown and can you blame her?

  • ChronoArcaile18
    speaking of Laser tag,now that you mentioned it Zalure,I remember that 80's cartoon back in my day which the female lead from that old 80's cartoon was the best part of that

    if these girls from Jet Girls are gonna go that route,than I don't know how they'll play they're cards right to pull this off with the extreme amount of fanservice this show is going for.

    As for that copyright spambot,I don't know all the details myself,I just learned about this recently that a friend of mine told me that Dailymotion has been having a spambot going around flagging random dailymotion accounts,regardless if the videos are fair use or not.

  • ChronoArcaile18
    Jet Girls will defentially need to play it's cards right in future episodes if it wants to be able to pull off what Harukana receive gave us. but since the people behind Senran Kagura are involved in this show (Which thats a bad thing,since that game franchise is known for being loaded with exesive fanservice) that could be difficult to do.

    The Overall Jet ski races with the super soaker water guns has potential,but we'll see Zalure!

    also,on another note.I've been grinding my characters on dragon quest 11 which I have Veronica on level 29 and it defentially shows she's the most useful character with all those variety of magic lets put it this way,she's alot like Tina from Tecmo Secret of the Stars,except way better as Veronica can learn both powerful Fire and Ice

  • ChronoArcaile18
    Here you go Zalure,the first episode of Jet Girls is out:P

    I already even gave my thoughts on the first episode on my Channel Feed:P

  • ChronoArcaile18
    Oh as for Million Arthur Arcana Blood? I almost forgot about

    Yeah it's rare to see Square Enix characters in fighting games,this wasn't the first time they did something like this,for example "Energheize: God Bless the Ring" for the Playstation1 (Fun Fact: That was my very first PS1 game when I first got my Ps1 in had characters from Final Fantasy 7 in it.

    And Well,Umihara Kawase was in Blade strangers,and soooo......seeing Riesz from seiken desetsu 3 in a fighting game!? Thats cool and nice and all,but wait? no Angela though? the best female character from Seiken densetsu 3! now why isn't she in this game too?