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  • hubertgunpowder
    16 days ago
    Hello dear RosaMarie. I wish you a great weekend. Love and hugs ~ Hubert ♥

  • TheVideoGamer64
    17 days ago
    Hey it is very good to hear from you again. :) I just got back on here for the first time in a few weeks. I've been doing good. I took a break from here awhile and decided to come back on here. I hope you're doing good. :)

  • Dean
    17 days ago
    I'm sure i will, there's a nice lady at another site you told me about and she's very
    nice. i manage to talk to her on her facebook as well.

  • Crimsonbelle
    17 days ago
    Hugs i missed you too rosa, well i was busy registering for classes i'm going to become
    a tattoo artist. since i've got tattoos i might as well became an artist for it haha

  • TheDevilYouSay
    17 days ago
    You're very smart my dear, well not all things works but when they
    do it's like well i can't say that word but i think you know.

  • AxelSinster
    18 days ago
    And i always will baby because i love you so much, by the way did any troll come
    and bother you here? if not let me know honey i'll take care of it.

  • Raven
    20 days ago
    Don't worry, yes I've been gone from upload stars for awhile because you were not
    there and I missed you very much my friend :)

  • Pawn
    20 days ago
    Twitter I think is odd as well, I mean you have to be pretty or a celebrity. I barely
    use that one, yes steam is a gamer site if you play video games that's a sit to go

  • AxelSinster
    20 days ago
    I love you too (kisses you) and you have a shoulder for crying for anything
    my darling you are my wife and I love you forever.

  • Riff
    20 days ago
    I knew that, and he's a really nice guy rosa; you should and will be happy with him
    he'll always give you an adventure.

  • RosaMarie
    20 days ago

  • Johanna
    20 days ago
    Exactly, it's just dumb really. thank you you should go over to u.p.s you're husband is
    over there and he's wondering where you are.