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  • SpeakLife
    23 days ago
    Hi Rob, thinking a lot about you and your family right now at Christmas Eve. Sending you peace and light. We celebrated Christmas Eve yesterday so I am able to be online now. I thought of all my family who are no longer here physically but they are with me everyday. And always will be. I remind myself they are just a thought away. And they are. Peace to you

  • grizzlyten
    24 days ago
    Thank you for the Christmas picture, Rob! It's very cool. Yes, I've been going a bit bonkers with everything but I have a few moments right now to catch up with comments and say hello to my friend. Hope you and your loved ones have a Happy Holiday Season and an awesome New Year! xo

  • DeeLicious
    24 days ago
    I haven't been on much this week. I did want to come by to say hi before Christmas. I wish you and your family all the best at this very difficult time. Dee :0)Image

  • waywardsmile
    24 days ago
    Wonder how I missed that? I need to watch more t.v., or drink that beer. He's smart though.

  • hubertgunpowder
    24 days ago
    Thanks Rob. I wish you a Merry Christmas too. Greetings ~ Hubert.Image

  • SweetDeadlyKiss
    25 days ago
    Thanks dear Rob..Have a great Christmas too :))♥ xoImage

  • Brody
    25 days ago
    Thanks Rob. And no don't ever think you talk too much . That's why I am on here. I will get back to them writing a boring reply no doubt. I'll get back to work the 2nd. So I can put my feet up for once, world of difference not falling asleep on the couch every night and stumble upstairs. Rob, hope you have a nice Christmas loved ones right there! I read a bit scrolling down what happened, I am sorry to hear that Rob. it never is good timing but it hits harder around this time. I am sorry Rob. Hope you get to enjoy a nice Christmas!

  • waywardsmile
    25 days ago
    Lol...I was on your channel at the same time you were on mine. Love that pic, but......who is he? I'm cringing while asking that, because I'm sure I should know, but I don't.

  • waywardsmile
    25 days ago
    You know, I have that same Christmas guitar pic saved on my computer. In fact, it's the one I had on my US channel as the thumbnail to that Billy Squier song I just had up. ~~~Are you kidding me? I know SP's shoe size....for real, and I even know his favorite food indulgence....french fries with ketchup and hot sauce. They don't call me "obsessed" for no reason. I took my childhood obsessions very seriously. The obsession probably falls over into OCD tendencies for laundry, because yes, that's what it is. He thinks that just washing and drying the clothes is good enough. No need to fold them (correctly) or hang them up. Why do that when you can just spread them out and lay them on top of each other in a gigantic pile, omg!!!! ~I'm a crap bowler. If it stays in the lane and eventually makes it to the end, then I'm a winner, regardless of whether it knocks a pin down or not. Everybody's excited too, so I know I'm a winner! You know, I think I knew about that coffee thing. Or maybe I'm getting it mixed up with wine tastings. You drink a sip of coffee between different wines so as to distinguish the different flavors. ~ You're welcome for the other. I still have no adequate words for your pain, therefore I won't try, but please know you're in my thoughts.

  • Pisces
    25 days ago
    Thanks so much Rob! Merry Christmas to you too! :)

  • StrictlyMuzik
    25 days ago
    Thank you Rob, Have a Blessed Christmas...ImageԼƠƔЄღ PEACE☮ RESPECT💕

  • woojoke
    25 days ago
    Thank you, Rob, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours too!! I like most everything you do;) Peace!!