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No clue what content I'll upload but we can chat and watch videos.
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Comments (49)
  • NightFright
    1 year ago
    Hey Rich keep driving fast lol.

  • hubertgunpowder
    Hello Rich.


    Greetings ~ Hubert.

  • MovieCollector64
    Ok man. Thanks. I hope you have a goodnight too. :)

  • MovieCollector64
    I'm doing good and thanks man. :) I posted a video on my update on here, vidlii , and my youtube channel.

  • MovieCollector64
    Thanks and same here. How are you today?

  • MovieCollector64
    Thanks. I finally got my MovieCollector64 channel up and running on VidLii. :)

  • MovieCollector64
    That's good and things was going good for me until my girl was talking mean about my mom to me, please don't tell her that I said that.

  • MovieCollector64
    Ok. How are you today?

  • MrDemonSlayer
    1 year ago
    Same to you.

  • MovieCollector64
    I'm gonna go to bed. Goodnight buddy. It was good talking to you. :)

  • MovieCollector64
    Thanks and cool.

  • MovieCollector64
    Oh ok, my day was good, I went to a resturant since it was Cingo De Mayo. and had a good time. :)