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Hello there! Welcome to my little channel here on MJ! I am a down to Earth type of person that just likes to have fun and to live it up on occasion. I take pride in my work like video projects, photography, storm chasing, creating songs, and much more. If you think you figured me out try again lol. I can be a bit of a mystery. I have trouble with that myself. I am very loving and caring but I too have my faults.

I am surrounded by friends that I can talk to, share music with, and more. So that makes me happy. So thanks for that! Enjoy your time here on my page and on this wonderful site we have here.

Awesome Friends!
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  • grizzlyten
    4 hours ago
    I had a really nice weekend, thanks Nathan. We had our family Christmas get-together yesterday and that was great! My brother is staying here at my place so today one of my sisters and her husband dropped in and we visited some more. It's been really nice. The weather has been a lot better too - sunny and milder. It's melted quite a bit of the snow accumulation we had and I like that. I hope you had a nice weekend too, Nathan! xo

  • mariapoppinas
    5 hours ago
    TO THE BATCAVE!!!!! hup hu:P

  • DeeLicious
    7 hours ago
    thanks for the pm...answered you. I hope you enjoy a great night. ")

  • Heavens_Hitman
    10 hours ago
    LMAO that was hilarious mate! I loved every minute of it. Thanks for that. Baldwin is brilliant in those SNL Trump sketches. The one thing I'll miss about Trump when he's gone. No offence mate, I know he's your president. Did you know that Alec Baldwin has a daughter named Ireland?

  • woojoke
    14 hours ago
    Thanks! My day is good so far, but will be great when it gets late:)

  • Phanta
    14 hours ago
    Hi Nathan! How's it going today? I can't believe that time is running so fast! I can't hold up with all the Christmas work and the daily stuff, and I try to stay cool and say to myself not to be stressed. Whole day listening to Metallica's "Nothing else matters" and try to calm down. I understand why you changed your video list, you have a very special taste in music, I like it! Have a nice day my dear friend! xx

  • Heavens_Hitman
    15 hours ago
    Yeah I especially like the brunette in that video. She's smokin.....mmmmm.

  • Heavens_Hitman
    15 hours ago
    Just cooking my dinner mate. A big hunk of beef. Save a cow and eat a vegetarian I say! lol, just kidding. I hope you're not a vegetarian. Didn't mean to offend. Genny said Michael is, I think. Sorry Michael.

  • Heavens_Hitman
    15 hours ago
    Ah there you are! We're on at the same time, yay! Now I'm gonna talk the f**kin ear right off ya lol, just kidding. Thanks for saying so mate. Glad ya got a kick out of it.

  • waywardsmile
    16 hours ago
    I concur with Blaine.....Also, yes, upload some of your pics. I consider myself to be artistic in many ways, but I can't take a decent picture to save my life. Hope you're having a great day!

  • woojoke
    17 hours ago
    You be a great guy, Nathan and anyone who thinks otherwise is a moronic heathen! Now i'm off to watch FM's live version of "Rhiannon" on youtube:) Enjoy your day:)

  • michael_89
    17 hours ago
    I get that...probably won`t myself to be honest.