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I am your host NightFright A Big Welcome to my Horror Channel I am a content creator, I do movie Reviews, Poems , Trivia Questions or whatever gets into my little head lol I hope it will be enough to scare you . I have two talk shows that will creep you out and blow your minds, so sit back and enjoy, laugh or scream and like I say to all my Viewers " Stay Creepy."

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My Top 10 Picks of Horror Movies
1. Scream Series
2. Friday The 13th Series
3. NightMare on Elm Street Series
4. Halloween Series
5. The TexasChainsaw Massacre Series
6. Childs Play series
7. The Puppet Master Series
8. Evil Dead Series Good Beer Drinking Movies LOL
9. Hell Raiser Series
10. Psycho Series

Horror Nation I am Great Friends with a TV Host & his name is Doctor San Guinary he has a show called Creature Feature you might like watching his show he has some amazing clips & he gets picked on a lot so sit back enjoy & "Stay Creepy."

Horror Nation I have a bit of a problem with the top channels? In my opinion I wished that we would go by upload views & not channel views I put a lot of work in my videos & how channels don't have any uploads can be #1 This is the way it's set up!!!! & maybe Maklarr4000 can change it soon I would be very Happy at least we would have to earn the top spot.

Best TV series on AMC The Walking Dead

I now have 2 welcome to metajolt pictures & I also have a NightFright wall paper for your Iphone's if you wish to have one please let me know .

This Is My Channel I am here 24/7 so please come pay me a visit anytime Thank You.

I wish to Give a Big Thank You to Maklarr4000 for having a big part in this Web Site and Creating our features here.I know MetaJolt Will be a Big Success and more people will come here to share this Wonderful Web Site You All Stay Creepy and Have A Wonderful Day.

MetaJolt has a lot to offer Thanks to Maklarr4000 bc he made this Web Site #1

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  • ProudAustralian
    14 hours ago
    May be he will come back again..just to give you his special kind of love and caring thoughts hahaha..don't get buried in all the snow Mitch..your Dutch friend might get lonely without you around Lmao

  • Solange
    19 hours ago
    Hi Mitch Nightfrrrrrright :-)) Happy weekend to you! What about your new poems?Image

  • 3shu
    22 hours ago
    Stay creepy, Mitch! At least I try to, lol>>>>>>>>>>>have a very happy week end! xxImage

  • Venus
    22 hours ago
    ღ♫ my dear friend Mitch.. ღ♫ Today, give yourself a break! Happy Sunday! ღ venus ღ Image

  • ProudAustralian
    Mitch how are things with you all good I hope..Anyway enjoy your weekend my friend..Stay Creepy..

  • GasLightGhoul
    1 day ago
    You and dennis are on yr way to the moon keebo

  • AustraliaAwake
    2 days ago
    Thanks NightFright, I have a good supply of tissues. That picture that tinigossip posted was very frightening; it gave me a little nightmare. I think tinigossip is a happy girl about this.

  • AustraliaAwake
    2 days ago
    Hey NightFright, tinigossip has been very cruel to me today; she made cry a lot :( I get the impression that she really enjoys making me suffer. I hope that all is well and you have a great weekend.

  • GasLightGhoul
    3 days ago
    Happy valentines mitch

  • getwellsoon
    3 days ago
    Hi Mitch! Want something creepy? LOL Have a Happy Valentine's Day!Image

  • Lisa
    4 days ago
    Hello Mitch, I wish you a terrific Day/Evening!! May the rest of the Week be filled with love, happiness and peace!! Take care :)) Image

  • GasLightGhoul
    7 days ago
    keebin Image