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Hey everyone, This is TheVideoGamer64's other channel. On this channel, I will be showing my Blu-Ray Collection, My DVD Collection, My VHS Collection, Movies That I've Got Recently, and more.I hope that you all enjoy my channel.

Feel free to subscribe to my MetaJolt channel to see more videos on here. To see my gaming videos and other stuff feel free to subscribe to my TheVideoGamer64 channel to see more videos on there. Here is a link to the channel.

My MovieCollector64 Twitter Page. :

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  • Lisa
    3 months ago
    Have a great weekend Brian!!

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    5 months ago
    Happy Weekend My Friend x.

  • moorea2010
    6 months ago
    hello my friend...hope this week is going super duper for you...i havent heard from you lately :((

  • hubertgunpowder
    7 months ago
    Hello my friend.
    Have a great weekend.
    Best wishes ~ Hubert.

  • moorea2010
    7 months ago
    Hello dear friend ....thx a million for your visit and sweet comment on my channel...always happy to hear from you....
    im going on vacation with my fiance in a couple of days.....i wont be here for awhile....have a lovely rest of the summer...i will see you again after we come back...Hugssssssssssssss....

  • cutiehabana
    7 months ago
    Hello! Dear Sweet Friend, I’m so sorry for the late response, I’ve been away for some months and just back in today. Thank You so much for being A Friend. Have A Great Day🤗🌹🤗

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    8 months ago
    I thought this site had a reply button

  • Sylvia
    8 months ago
    Hello my friend
    Sorry for absence
    No much time to stay online

    Have a special and magic week
    Love from me to you, always in my heart
    Hugs and kisses

  • Lightstorm91
    8 months ago
    Hi Brian. The situation is worsening at the moment. My health is threatened by work :(

  • Lisa
    9 months ago
    Stopping by to wish you a happy weekend.

  • hubertgunpowder
    9 months ago
    Have a great weekend my friend.