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This show is definitely a show that worked for the era it was produced in,the late 60's /early 70's. This show came out at the height of the sexual revolution and could have easily been called " Lust,America Style". Each episode pretty much was about the same thing , men and women in constant pursuit of each other.Also, the most memorable trademark was the ever present brass bed. However,despite the emphasis on sex there were a few more touching episodes in the series. One that comes to mind is an episode in which an old man creates a sculpture of his deceased wife on the anniversary of her death and the angel of death ( played hilariously by Soupy Sales ) comes down to inform him that he is about to die. At the end of the episode , there is a shot of the old man, who has become a statue himself, holding his wife's hand. This was perhaps the most moving episode from one of the wildest show's of the early 70's.
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