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  • Tina
    20 days ago
    Hey girl, hope you had a great Christmas n hope your New Year is awesome. cute kitty pic. I didn't have a tree the past 2 yrs. don't want one anymore. lost my need to decorate. how's your day going?

  • SweetDeadlyKiss
    20 days ago
    Hello dear Kandace. Have a Happy New Year 2019 :))♥ Image

  • Heavens_Hitman
    20 days ago
    No one other than ABBA as far as I know. I'm surprised you've heard of the Eurovision.

  • Pisces
    20 days ago
    Thanks and Happy New Year to you!

  • Heavens_Hitman
    20 days ago
    Hello my dear, yes I went to my folks place for a few days. I managed to avoid any rows with my father, which isn't easy let me tell ya. So glad to hear that your job is taking off, that's the best present of all really isn't it? Lucky you, getting to go to all those parties. You must have a lot of friends. My Christmas was pretty good, I can't complain, but yes I miss you when you are not here, and are always stimulating conversations.

  • Prowler
    21 days ago
    Happy New Year my friend :)

    21 days ago
    hello KANDACE ! - thanks for your anwer and yes, i think my channel is right today ^^ - ( it was a browser or software-problem ? ) - i like it here and wish you a wonderful time ! - BALOO ;)

  • Lightstorm91
    21 days ago
    Hello Kandace. I have been very rarely active here in the last weeks/months. Now I come here again more frequently. Hopefully you had a nice Christmas. I spent Christmas with my family and it was nice. It's time to say goodbye to 2018 as the year was really shitty for me. At work and at private it was stressful. I hope not to see that again in 2019. I wish you a happy rest week :) Daniel

  • hubertgunpowder
    21 days ago
    Hello dear Kandace. Yes, 10 years is a long time. We both have new sites seen come and go, but we are still there and going strong. I also want to thank you for your unrelenting friendship. Love and hugs ~ Hubert ♥ Image

  • woojoke
    22 days ago
    I think i.m closer to being an animal liker though i do love all the pets i've had, and i also feed the birds, squirrels, rabbits, and yard rat that roam the leas around my manor:) I like iguanas and think they get a bad rap cause they look a little prehistoric dinosaur-ish! I imagine your son's girlfriend no longer feeds his iguana:) Have a great hump day:)

  • Galina
    22 days ago
    *Merry Christmas* and a Happy New Year 2019!:) *************************************************************************Image

  • MrArcadeRetroGamer64
    Thanks . I'm thinking about you too. Merry Christmas to you too. I hope your Christmas will be nice and wonderful. :)

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