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Hola y bienvenidos a mi canal.
este canal contendrá pop latino
reggaeton y mas por favor suscribete

Country: Cuba
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Comments (49)
  • Kandace
    6 months ago
    Where are you hiding, my friend ? Miss ya !

  • hubertgunpowder
    7 months ago
    Hello dear Johanna. I wish you a great weekend. Love and hugs ~ Hubert ♥

  • TheVideoGamer64
    7 months ago
    Hey how you been?

  • Dean
    7 months ago
    They are quite nice really, i enjoy meeting all the others; and they sure
    made a good acquaintance with me an i will be over there more.

  • Crimsonbelle
    7 months ago
    Isn't work a pain in the ass haha, i have to work but i don't mind it's just
    costumers to deal with some are nice and other's are terrible.

  • Pawn
    7 months ago
    Yes I have good games though there are a few games that are terrible and
    not worth playing. the last on I think ff14 was the example

  • AxelSinster
    7 months ago
    But you did it as a friend, that's what really matters. if you weren't a friend
    you wouldn't have done it. so that's why I praise you.

  • Riff
    7 months ago
    Yes I have heard of ace of base, they are a good group miss them
    have your heard of abba?

  • RosaMarie
    7 months ago
    I know i'll be over there in a minute, oh did you see the comment made by
    aussie boy! he's mature speading rumors and somehow hacking people whose
    blocked him.

  • Dean
    7 months ago
    Well shoot i'm the most rootness tootness cowboy who ever lived lol
    Texan talk and i'm sure proud to call myself that.

  • Johanna
    7 months ago
    Why wouldn't I know what friendship is..please tell why use Lisa's Icon on upload stars..isn't that a bit strange??? AsleepAustralian how did you know I did when your banned from uploads? are you a hacker?