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  • JohnDonBaker
    2 years ago
    I will pray for you soul, you pathetic troll.

  • ElizabethEllen
    2 years ago
    Thanks for everything you did for me.

  • Demento
    2 years ago
    looks like the ol troll is dead now.

  • TheJesusPenisMinistry
    I'm still upset David collectively pwned all of us. He owned our gay atheist asses.

  • TheJesusPenisMinistry
    I'm back everyone and here to announce our rebranding to The Gay Atheist Asshole Association. We have constantly failed to destroy Christianity for 15 plus years. We are the biggest atheist losers on the planet.

  • mrmovielover
    2 years ago
    Hells! I missed your returned! Hope your doing well buddy.

  • Hells111
    3 years ago
    Andrew, where have you Angels been for all of this time. I've sent out a army of my demons looking for your Angels yet found no record where they've disappeared to. I've even had the kindness to release Catman from the burning pits on Hell. I can't get GOD to allow me into Heaven, for he'll think I'll do damage and torture to others. I must know, as where did you go and if you want Catman standing please reply back. Thanks Andrew.we down here in Hell, will always remember you.

  • ShadowBeing17
    3 years ago
    Hey Andrew it's Chris. How are you? Long time no talk lol. A lot of people miss you.

  • MrCranky
    3 years ago
    sumisu is a poop pic uploader and her is very sick indeed...... Welcome back Hells

  • AustraliaAwake
    3 years ago
    halo helsaposul, tinigowsip hab ben aktib theas mournin an shes ben leffin sum veri krool comints on me chanel wiv her noktowich sok, theas krool comints hab akoomalaitid an maid me kri :( tinigowsip is a veri hapi gerl abowt theas, i fink tinigowsip mite be cumin rown ar howses sone an thad is a terrafin prowspek

  • Riffster
    3 years ago
    Hello there Andrew! When I saw your avatar appear in the "recent uploads" category, I thought it must have been a glitch, since I haven't seen you active for a long time. How are you doing these days? I will always remember the first time we actually talked. I had one of my guitar cover videos up, and you knew right away I was playing a PRS. Never met anyone on these smaller sites that knows a PRS from a Parker. I think you own a much more expensive model than my SE, correct? In any case, are you still playing? As I have gotten a bit older, and not so "brand conscience" if you will, I have learned one thing. You can basically take any halfway decent guitar, even a pawn shop special, and make it sound great. Anyway, really good to see you again. Take care!