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Hi,My Name is James (Which I go Under as ChronoArcaile2018 on Wenoo), after dealing with such god awful Terrible Trash sites like Youtube (Which I used to have a Youtube Account name on there called ChronoArcaile5000),Gametalk and Deviantart which those sites are infested with Jackasses,trolls,Copyright ID Nonsense and Glitches,this site finnally seems like a nice Breath of fresh air,and it's really a shame that vidbit shutted down which I had high hopes for that site,hopefully this site becomes successful because I absolutely cannot stand Modern Youtube these days.

New Updates: Gonna change my Background! Yeah I was getting bored with my old background,so now it's time for a fresh new coat of

New Avatar: Tita Russle from Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

This is what she looks like:

Occupation Status: Former Old School 2007/2008 Youtuber who has now Officially Retired from Youtube (Google Tube)

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  • heerogonkenobi15
    hey chrono im so sorry to disappoint you but i havent finish watching the videos that you shared with me two weeks ago yet because i had to pacl my stuff to moved into the apartment complex in brandon florida and i had to unpack my dtufg and also im unable to set up the wifi on my wii u because setting up the wiifi on my wii u is a real pain in the ass and tidious because im too stupid to set up the wifi on my wii fi on my wii u so im going to need help by calling nintendo for help to figure out how to set up the wifi on my wii u so i dont have the time to tell yoy my thoughts on the video that you shared with me two weeks ago and i dont have internet on my wii u yet so im going to need more time to get settled into the apartment complex and i cant shared with you any videos at this moment to make the wait more bearable i just need to take a break and relax or else i.ll lose my temper and the apartment complex neighbor might register a complain to the apartment complex staff if i lose my temper and i cant afford to get kicked out of the apartment so i hope you understand that its been a long day and i need to take a break from using the internet and telling you my thoughts on the videos that you shared with me two weeks ago just for a little while once i get help from nintendo from hooking up the wifi on my wii u tomorrow so again im really sorry there's nothing i can do at this moment you have no choice but to bear with me and wait

  • Zalure
    5 days ago
    Welp another mindfuck from Astra this week. Now Aries is a clone of the princess Seira who was pushed off of a cliff? So now we have two characters of royalty in the group? So when they get back to Astra all hell is gonna break loose with the originals...? Next week is the final episode so I hope they can conclude this show on a high note. Oh and Kanatas arm is lost in space, I laughed at that because he had it coming. Hated him from he get go.

    This weeks Dumbbell was a hilarious take on "New Years" episodes which are cliche but we get an exercise themed take. Last episode next week for this too.

  • heerogonkenobi15
    as well as sharing with you the link to the two trailers of the hd remastered port of star ocean 1/star ocean first departure r,romancing saga 3 and saga Scarlett grace also coming to the nintendo switch and playstation 4 so you can judge the information about the re-release of star wars jedi knight 2 jedi outcast and jedi academy and the new features that square-enix brought to the table for star ocean 1 and romancing saga to once again make the wait bearble and to give me more time to finish watching the last threw remaning videos you shared with me a week in a half ago after i moved into the apartment complex get wifi and settle in with dorinda and tom tomorrow lol

  • heerogonkenobi15
    and playstation 4 store on November 2019 which is only two months away while saga scarlett grace the most recent entry of the saga franchise is going to be released on the switch e-shop and ps4 store on December of 2019 so in other words both saga games is coming out sooner then i originally anticipated which i thought makes it all the more exciting and less on playing the waiting game lol but i digress ^_^ and also i want to let you know that i got three videos that you shared with me a week in a half ago to go so im almost done finishing watching all the videos that you shared with me which i have alot to say but first things first i have to get ready to move out of my mentally challenge room mates house firsr thing tomorrow so once i finish moving into the apartment complex in brandon florida and set up my Wi-Fi on my switch,wii u,3ds and phone and get settled with my new life with my new support cordinator dorinda and my caregiver named tom after dealing with five years of drama with my pain in the butt old support cordinator named bertha i promise that i.ll finish watching the last three remaining videos that you shared with me so i can finally tell you my thoughts about them which again i have alot to say so a promise is a promise lol but i digress ^_^ so while you wait allow me to share with you the link to the star article talking more about star wars jedi knight 2 jedi outcast and jedi academy coming to nintendo switch and ps4

  • heerogonkenobi15
    hey chrono i understand your busy but i have great news its about one of lucasarts star wars pc games called star wars jedi academy which i was browsing through star just to see what's going on with the world of star wars which star had wrote a article talking about that Lucasfilms games is planing to re-release star wars jedo academy on the nintendo switch in early 2020 next year in addition of re-releasing star wars jedi knight 2 jedi outcast on the nintendo switch later this month not mention that both star wars jedi knight 2 jedi outcast will also be re-released on the playstation 4 which i find it great news for fans of the old star wars games of yesteryear pre ea games star wars games era lol and on a more random note square-enix has uploaded 2 trailers of the hd remastered port of the first star ocean game for the super famicom under the name star ocean first departure r which is actully based on the psp remake but with new features such as english and japanese voice acting and a fast foward feature ala square-enix's own bravely default franchise which makes exploring the overworld and random battles faster and less tidious which i thought makes it more acessible for a new generation of star ocean fans lol but i digress ^_^ and its coming to nintendo switch and playstation 4 next year the other trailer is the hd remastered port of romancing saga 3 and saga Scarlett grace which romancing saga 3 will be released on the nintendo switch e-shop

  • toastbros
    5 days ago
    heh, and i think i might've mistyped. hey i'm about to crash. midnight here so i'll talk to you when i wake up. goodnight.

  • toastbros
    5 days ago
    hi chrono. i noticed you got banned from vlare. what happened?

  • Zalure
    6 days ago
    First Chrono let me thank you for linking me to EP 29 & 30. Next not just Lalas family but that whole freakin planet is moronic as hell. Sooo reliant on AI that you can't do things for yourself but when someone comes along and hacks you which is what the enemies did now you idiots are like a fish out of water. I swear those 2 episodes made my brain hurt. Then you got Lolo who thinks he's hot shit because he found a Princess Pen? "Hey thanks for saving use the trouble" is pretty much what Uni said without giving it away they were Precure even though they did anyway by saving the planet. EP 30 ending with the "space police" after the Precure because they want them in the Star Alliance or whatever but the Precure outta say "fight the powa" and blast them to bits. Precure only has "alliances" with other seasons and even that isn't canon. I can say I have MUCH more respect for Lala after these 2 episodes, she's definitely the fan favorite of the season for a reason.

    So I started playing River City Girls. I can say the OST is amazing, the voice acting is top notch, controls and movesets are good, but the difficulty? Oooh boy is this game tough as hell even on normal mode. The first boss alone is giving me fits but level grinding might take care of that. They say co-op makes it easier. Looks like you can pull a "save me" mechanic from the Precure DS game. Behold:

    Hilarious isn't it? Beat the spirit back into your ally. XD

  • heerogonkenobi15
    but anywho i decided to bookmark the glitter force doki doki with the river city girls ost video that you made and shared with me on my phone to remember it by loved it ^_^ thanks for everything you really know how to make and shared a video for me that put a smile on my face whenver something fustrating happens in my life takes a undesirable turn lol but i digress ^_^

  • heerogonkenobi15
    seth mcfarlien to it when it comes to a joke that is already been done before long before family guy anf american dad did the exact same thing which is now considered to be a dated joke in other words its been there done that kind of joke or irrelevant joke if your a millennial who didnt get the joke and where did seth mcfarlien get the idea from thst joke and parody all like what james rolfe from james and mike mondays let's play of super castlevania 4 and arin hanson from game grumps let's play of yoshi's island snes version said when it comes to seth farliean trying to cheaply replicate a similar joke and parody that duck tales comics creator carl barks and dic-saban did before aeons ago with one of the duck tales comics and the adventures of super mario bros 3 episode misadventures in babysitting which in other words the joke and parody of duck tales in family guy and american dad can be considered a blated joke rip-off that car barks and dic-saban beat seth mcfarlien to it but im getting ahead of myself ^_^

  • heerogonkenobi15
    but got stuck in downtown Langley falls and was being chased by a meth drug addict who misplaced his meth drug similar to the premise of teenage girl chris parker tried to pick up her high school friend and classmate brenda from being stranded in downtown chicago which is actully where the film is being shot at back in the day until Chris,the little girl sara,brad and Daryl got stuck in downtown Chicago being chased by car thiefs who they misplaced the playboy magazine that contian information of criminal activity which is what did-sabran and seth mcfarlien is trying to poke fun at when dic-saban came up with the idea for the adventures of super mario bros 3 and the American dad episode which ironicly both coincidental parody episode names with both coincidental jokes kinda like how james rolfe alnowlwdge the cutaway joke of peter griffon trying to swim inside scrooge mcduck's money bin but broke bones because it was rock solid which Seth McFarlane took that joke from carl barks duck tales comics where scrooge mcduck trick the beegle boys that can swim in there money bin but got hurt which scrooge mcduck replace the actual money bin money with money that is rock solid which in a nutshell seth mcfarline ripped off that joke from the duck tales comics just like how he ripped off the episode idea of mario and luigi being babysitters fir the brokelyn which is meant to be a parody of the 1987 disney movie adventures in babysitting which in other words car barks and dic-sabsn heat