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Hi,My Name is James (Which I go Under as ChronoArcaile2018 on Wenoo), after dealing with such god awful Terrible Trash sites like Youtube (Which I used to have a Youtube Account name on there called ChronoArcaile5000),Gametalk and Deviantart which those sites are infested with Jackasses,trolls,Copyright ID Nonsense and Glitches,this site finnally seems like a nice Breath of fresh air,and it's really a shame that vidbit shutted down which I had high hopes for that site,hopefully this site becomes successful because I absolutely cannot stand Modern Youtube these days.

New Updates: Gonna change my Background! Yeah I was getting bored with my old background,so now it's time for a fresh new coat of

New Avatar: Tita Russle from Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

This is what she looks like:

Occupation Status: Former Old School 2007/2008 Youtuber who has now Officially Retired from Youtube (Google Tube)

Current Mood: Average

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Games I'm currently playing right now:

Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo Wii U)

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemists of the Mysterious Book (PS4)

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (Playstation 4)

Gravity Rush 2 (PS4)

Ratchet and Clank: into the Nexus (PS3)

Pokemon Ultra Moon (Nintendo 3DS)

Kirby Planet Robobot (Nintendo 3DS)

Blue Reflection (PS4)

Warriors All Stars (PS4)

Country: United States
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  • spectreman
    3 years ago
    Happy HALLOWEEN 2016!

  • Sayo
    3 years ago
    Check your inbox.

  • moorea2010
    3 years ago
    Cool channel u have here
    Thx for the invite & sub..
    I subbed back...stop by anytime



  • Sayo
    3 years ago
    Yeah it sucks. I'm happy for this site though.

  • Yuka
    3 years ago
    Yup, I sure do.

  • TheCartoonKid26
    3 years ago
    *hugs you tightly* thank you so much, buddy. With all I've dealt with the past two years, and all my mistakes from around 2012 still haunting me, and dealing with loneliness and neglection in my real life, if I didn't have you, I would have gone down a path of crime or be in a mental hospital by now. You've cheered me up during so many hard times, buddy and whenever I talk to you and watch your videos it always puts me in a better mood.

    I hope we can pull through this, buddy. If anything ever happened to you I think all my hope would be gone.

  • Kandace
    3 years ago
    Have a fun weekend. I subscribed ^^

  • GoldenOldies
    3 years ago
    Cool channel. :)

  • CottonCeena
    3 years ago
    Thanks, i subbed ya back.

  • TheCartoonKid26
    3 years ago
    Hey, buddy. The reason I got angry with Iloveanime is because I just can't deal with having another fight with him now, when I've already been severely depressed with Vidbit shutting down, and trying hard to recover so I can have a good Halloween this year and hopefully do something fun. I'm gonna have another horrible Halloween it I don't get my nerve damage any better. He needs to learn he can't lash out on others for not responding early. Sebo did that to me every day and it's harassment.

  • DeletedChannel0
    3 years ago
    Very nice channel, i subscribe and invited ^_^

  • spiderfan
    3 years ago
    Look forward to seeing what soundtracks you upload. Subscribed :) Oddly, enough I'm waiting for MJ to have an uploader too.