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Hi,My Name is James (Which I go Under as ChronoArcaile2018 on Wenoo), after dealing with such god awful Terrible Trash sites like Youtube (Which I used to have a Youtube Account name on there called ChronoArcaile5000),Gametalk and Deviantart which those sites are infested with Jackasses,trolls,Copyright ID Nonsense and Glitches,this site finnally seems like a nice Breath of fresh air,and it's really a shame that vidbit shutted down which I had high hopes for that site,hopefully this site becomes successful because I absolutely cannot stand Modern Youtube these days.

New Updates: Gonna change my Background! Yeah I was getting bored with my old background,so now it's time for a fresh new coat of

New Avatar: Tita Russle from Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

This is what she looks like:

Occupation Status: Former Old School 2007/2008 Youtuber who has now Officially Retired from Youtube (Google Tube)

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Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo Wii U)

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemists of the Mysterious Book (PS4)

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (Playstation 4)

Gravity Rush 2 (PS4)

Ratchet and Clank: into the Nexus (PS3)

Pokemon Ultra Moon (Nintendo 3DS)

Kirby Planet Robobot (Nintendo 3DS)

Blue Reflection (PS4)

Warriors All Stars (PS4)

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  • heerogonkenobi15
    20 hours ago
    as well as sharing with you the link to patti rudisill's violin and flute duet cover of the breath of fire 2 town theme clumsy dance/tunlan and sharing with you the link to the synthetic orchestra's fan made fully orchestrated arrangement of sunsoft's gremlins 2 nes ost level 2 theme ventilation shaft to make the wait more bearable

  • heerogonkenobi15
    20 hours ago
    and im going to be slow with replies for a week or so yet again because my support cordinator named bertha told me that i need to catch up on my chores such as sweeping and mopping the bathroom every morning as well as sweeping and mopping my room every monday and thursday and washing my clothes and bed sheets every monday and thurday which i havent done that in almost two weeks sense my accident two weeks ago when i sliped on the wet floor in the bathroom and fell on the floor and got myself a cut on the back of my head that spew blood on the bathroom floor from the back of my head lol so i got alot of catching up to do on my chores as well as today my support cordinator named bertha will be taking me to walmart to do my food shopping that i missed out two weeks ago and tomorrow morning at 8:30 am my companion service hours guy name jay is coming over to take me out to do my companion hours all day so i.ll be having a busy week yet again but i promised that i.ll do my best to watch the 15 videos and read the two articles on the bios of the bloodstained voice actress erica lindbeck and tell you my thoughts about them as soon as i could you have my word so while you wait allow me to return the favor by sharing with you the link to the new nintendo power podcast video on nintendo's youtube channel talking about the upcoming nintendo switch summer games as well as sharing with you the link to nintendocomplete's two walkthroughs of phantasy star IV and super adventure island 2

  • heerogonkenobi15
    21 hours ago
    as for what i been doing before was getting plenty of rest to let my cut on the back of my head to heal more as well as i been watching the new nintendo power podcast video which nintendo power podcast video host chris slate talk to two nintendo of America staff members about the upcoming summer nintendo switch games that was shown on the new nintendo direct video and what upcoming new nintendo switch games that the two nintendo of America staff members are looking foward the most as well as watching nintendocomplete's two walkthroughs of sega's phantasy star IV end of the new millennium for the sega genesis and hudson soft's super adventure island 2 for the super nes as well as listening to patti rudisill's new lovely violin and flute duet cover of the breath of fire 2 town theme called clumsy dance which is played on the island town of tunlan which the town folk of tunlan only speak through music/singing not in a normal spoken npc dialogue like most rpgs lol as well as i was listening to a awesome fan made fuly orchestrated arrangement of sunsoft's now iconic gremins 2 the new batch nes ost song called ventilation shaft a.k.a the level 2 theme which was finally been arranged and uploaded by the youtuber named the synthetic orchestra who havent uploaded and arranged a fan made fully orchestrated arrangement of a video game soundtrack on his youtube in almost two years sense his fan made fully orchestrated arrangements video of the chrono cross ost lol but i digress ^_^

  • heerogonkenobi15
    21 hours ago
    in terms how konami add a system update consistently for super bomberman r to give the game more polish and more gameplay content that wasnt added in its original release from the nintendo switch's launch window back in 2017 lol but im getting ahead of myself ^_^ and im glad you liked the teaser trailer of disney's frozen 2 that i shared with you which i agree that the film does look more darker in tone and its true that it takes place in a more darker apocalypse autumn setting in terms how elsa and anna must find out the source on what's drying out the source on whats drying out all the water and ice which elsa must find a a way to use her ice powers to restore the apocalypse autumn dark world back into a more cherry winter paradise and its also true that the plot of frozen 2 is definitely similar to the plot of atelier shallie dusk of the sea and zelda 3 a link to the past all like you said which i absolutely agree with everything you said 100 percent ^_^ and cool thanks buddy i.ll watch those videos and check out the article and imdb website on the bios of the voice actress of Miriam from bloodstained ritual of the night right now ^_^

  • heerogonkenobi15
    21 hours ago
    very true ^_^ and your welcome im glad you find nintendo life's article on the populous series to be a cool informational read to you as well ae im glad you liked the osts and cubex55's longplay of factor 5/lucasfilms games indians jones greatest adventures as well as im glad you liked cubex55's longplay of the original pc version of quake as well as im glad you liked the orchestral concert arrangement of the chrono cross opening theme scars of time which im glad you decided to add it to your favorites list and i agree that it does have a more disney/fantasia-esque sounding vibe to it in terms how the youtuber,composer,pianist and arranger david westerlund arranged lol as well as im glad you liked the new nintendo direct video and your right that no other modern rog had ever gave players the option to switch the hd 3d graphics artstyle of dragon quest XI to a more super nes/super famicom dragon quest V and VI inspired artstyle which i absolutely agree that gaving players the option to switch the 3d graphics artstyle of final fantasy VII and IX to a super nes final fantasy IV,V and VI artstyle on the nintendo switch ports of final fantasy VII and IX is a awesome idea which i loved that idea that you came up with ^_^ which hopefully square-enix will add the option of letting final fantasy VII and IX players to play the games in a super nes artstyle as a option as either future dlc or as least a system update ala konami's super bomberman r for the switch,ps4 and x-box

  • TheVideoGamer64
    Oh thanks buddy and that's cool! :)

  • TheVideoGamer64
    Hey buddy. I got three Nintendo Switch games that I have added to my Nintendo Switch collection yesterday. How have you been?

  • Zalure
    5 days ago
    Star Twinkle EP3! Man that Chrono Trigger styled background song from KiraKira must be a hit since they are reusing it for the 3rd season in a row. Other than that a nicely thought out episode. We've seen Precure fights and "break ups" right well now this is a better showcased one not due to different feelings but clear cut misunderstandings as Lala is NOT from Earth, even commenting she doesn't understand how Earthlings think. I like this duo and it should stay that way but...

    Get ready for the new Cure next week. I think this is going to decide the fate of Star Twinkle going forward I mean yeah it's just EP4 but we've seen time and time again new Cures ruining an already solid base. We'll see. This whole 12 princess thing once again people are comparing to Mahou Tsukais this time the Linkle Stones. Never mind the Star Pens are used in a cooler fashion whereas Linkle Stones were almost random aside from the main 4 they used to transform with.

    Also been meaning to tell you I like the new background!

  • TheVideoGamer64
    Yep, I noticed mine is glitched because when I uploaded my Ms Pac-Man Atari 2600 Review last night on Dailymotion, it was acting up. So I might have to upload it again on there and my channel on it is here. I followed your channel on it. :)

  • TheVideoGamer64
    Hey pal. I wanted to tell you that I created a channel on Dailymotion, it's fun, but it's kinda confusing lol. How have you been?

  • kyleetheyoukai
    7 days ago
    Looking forward to the collabs, I haven't done any collabs in a while actually.

    Yeah KH can be pretty funny at times. Especially with characters like Donald and Goofy :P

    Cool vids. Btw I noticed you favorited a Yu Yu Hakusho vid a while ago which is pretty cool since it is one of my favorite anime (my top 5 as of now are JoJo, YYH, Trigun, Ashita no Joe, and FMA)