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Hi,My Name is James (Which I go Under as ChronoArcaile2018 on Wenoo), after dealing with such god awful Terrible Trash sites like Youtube (Which I used to have a Youtube Account name on there called ChronoArcaile5000),Gametalk and Deviantart which those sites are infested with Jackasses,trolls,Copyright ID Nonsense and Glitches,this site finnally seems like a nice Breath of fresh air,and it's really a shame that vidbit shutted down which I had high hopes for that site,hopefully this site becomes successful because I absolutely cannot stand Modern Youtube these days.

New Updates: Gonna change my Background! Yeah I was getting bored with my old background,so now it's time for a fresh new coat of

New Avatar: Tita Russle from Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

This is what she looks like:

Occupation Status: Former Old School 2007/2008 Youtuber who has now Officially Retired from Youtube (Google Tube)

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Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo Wii U)

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemists of the Mysterious Book (PS4)

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (Playstation 4)

Gravity Rush 2 (PS4)

Ratchet and Clank: into the Nexus (PS3)

Pokemon Ultra Moon (Nintendo 3DS)

Kirby Planet Robobot (Nintendo 3DS)

Blue Reflection (PS4)

Warriors All Stars (PS4)

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  • heerogonkenobi15
    9 hours ago
    here is the link of the ending of ganbare geomon gaiden 1 keita ogon kiseru with the fan made english translation patch which the gambare goemon fansite youtuber named goemon international trying out the sexy and herlearious konami code of yai taking off her clothes that shows her half-naked wearing a white lingerie lol

  • heerogonkenobi15
    oops sorry chrono wrong link the time crisis 5 arcade game longplay here is the correct link

  • heerogonkenobi15
    you got it buddy i.ll going to share the links of the two nintendo life interview article including the time crisis 5 arcade longplay right now as well as i like to share the links to two herlearious all that reboot 2019 video clips that nickeloaden just uploaded on the official all tbat youtube channel which the first video clip where nickeloaden poke fun at the star wars sequel trilogy such as rey and kylo ren misplaced there lightsabers which rey uses a umbrella while kylo ren uses a little girl's fairy wand to fight each other lol while the second video clip is another detective dan and detective anne skit which nickeloaden creates a new all that charecter to help out detective dan and detective anne which is a dog named detective stan which can be best decribed as nickeloaden's awnser to dic-saban's inspector gadget charecter brian tbe dog lol which i.ll share the links of the two all that 2019 reboot series video from tonights new episode so you can judge it yourself in addition to sharing the links to the the two nintendo life interview articles and time crisis 5 arcade longplay that i already mentioned right now ^_^

  • ChristmasNutcrackers64
    Hi, how have you been?

  • Zalure
    5 days ago
    Chrono! Just dropping by to ask what you think of these remixes! =D

  • TheVideoGamer64
    Hey buddy. I hope you're doing good. I made a video on my ChristmasNutcrackers64 channel if you want to see it. :)

  • ChronoArcaile18
    Had to show this screenshot to you guys,since I'm a huge fan of Girls in Scuba diver suits in cartoons and anime/Video Games,had to show this one off to you

    which this pic if from an episode from that recent new 2019 cartoon "The Berry Bees" Yep! these cute Spy girls even get scuba outfits in one

  • ChronoArcaile18
    btw,just to let you guys know,no Star Twinkle this week as it's taking a week hiatus break this sunday but we'll resume next week on November 10th!

  • Zalure
    10 days ago
    Well on that note Chrono have you ever played Quake before? XD. No? Well in that game there is a weapon called the Thunderbolt Gun which shoots a stream of lightning and it's very powerful. Now if you fire this underwater it discharges ALL of its ammo instantly killing you and everything around it. You get the message of "You discharged into the water!" It's a hilarious kamakaze in mutliplayer.

    Now whenever I see electric attacks used in water situations that's all I can think of. Like Cure Peace using Peace Thunder underwater in that episode I had to imagine everything going cur splat along with Cure Peace herself. XD

  • Zalure
    11 days ago
    Happy Halloween Chrono! I also want to apologize since I thought you'd already had Atelier Ryza so I hope I didn't spoil anything.

    For Lydie/Suelle I agree the Painting World concept was great but the actual world they lived in was very uninspired almost cliche low end slice of life anime. They were trying to go the slice of life route and that's not bad on the characters part but the entire overworld view points had to suffer as a result. A real shame.

    Ryza is doing a lot of things better world building wise to leave it at that without spoilers. I can say the combat system is much more engaging than what I'm used to from RPGs. It's confusing but rewarding. I'm not familiar with Sophie but it's not hard to see why Ryza is so liked. Mainly due to design I imagine but also for being a very likable character without stepping too far into cliches which I personally don't think she does.

    The Alchemy system is more refined compared to Lydie/Suelle but I wont say anymore to avoid spoilers.

    Again Happy Halloween!

  • ChronoArcaile18
    11 days ago
    OH and BTW,about how I rank some of the Atelier girls,Funny thing is,before Ryza arrived onto the scene,at the time,Sophie and Platchta from Atelier Sophie were the most popular atelier girls at the time,to the point that both of them were featured as playable characters in Warriors All But Now,Ryza has easially taken over Sophie's number 1 spot as most fan fav Atelier girl in the fandom! Heck,I wouldn't be surprised with Ryza herself was featured as a DLC for Smash Ultimate or maybe a new sequel to Warriors All