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  • morasha
    8 months ago
    Hello dear friend Christopher
    Have a nice start the spring season

    Hugs from Morasha


  • GoldenOldies
    1 year ago
    Hello friend, I miss you. xx

  • Mariann
    1 year ago
    Hi Christopher ! Have a great weekend X.

  • CottonCeena
    1 year ago
    October wishes for a happy season dear ! Hugs from Kandace ~

  • Kandace
    1 year ago
    Bonjour mon cher ami. Comment ca va ? J'espere que tout se passe tres bien pour toi. Besous ~ xx A toi toujours, Kandace

  • Sylvia
    1 year ago
    Dear friend

    Fly by to wish you a nice and fun weekend


  • cutiehabana
    1 year ago
    Big Smileys Hello! My Dear Sweet Friend Christopher I am so so so SORRY take so long to come back on here, I have been gone through bad times with my anxiety I have to see the private doctor instead of the NHS here. The doctor gave me Diazepam only low doze 2mg together with blockers one a day it works, am feeeling much better so I give it a go and coming back...I have all the videos removed..Yayes...Vimeo terminated my account, never mind I can start fresh Honey...will write soon, I need to learn how to send images now...and say hello to everyone will keep me busy...Hahaha...*Take Good Cares* Love to hearing from you real soon 🤗🌹🤗

  • Sylvia
    1 year ago
    Hello my friend Christopher
    Sorry for absence
    No much time to stay online

    Have a special and magic week
    Love from me to you, always in my heart
    Hugs and kisses


  • moorea2010
    1 year ago
    Thank you sweet CHRIS for your comment on my channel....sorry i haven't been here lately but assure that I never forget friends like you
    Have a mega fun time this weekend...Many blessing and love on the way for you.....MARISOL

  • spectreman
    2 years ago
    had a Nightmare of a day WORKING 2 hard LOL...........