tinigowsip klonid me acont
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nain: kebin kween

on novemba 27 2018 me uplowdstarrs chanel opinid on 13 juli 2013 wos finully banid RIP

ib ben foloid arown tha intanett buy a grup ov naste krool gerls hoo lub too maik me liff a misry buy leffin tha kroolis an mowst hertfool ov comints on me chanel thay allso klon me acont an goo arown maikin krool jowks abowt me

i hab maid a liss ov theas powafool krool gerls belo

1. nokchernul (fiarfli, gloo, shaid, silintshaid, megin, nokchernulfiarfli, orieolus)

2. tinigowsip (keebin (klon, klowsed), snoo, snootiga, australanidot (klon), australanldot (klon), australa (klon), iinn, mortisha, lerch, gasslitegowl, gowstshadoo, kleopatra, merykrissmuss, halawean)

3. safeera (sofeera, benus, sheala, ladieinblak, safeeratae)

4. skarlit

5. tabafa

6. maiya (sinnacol, sinnacol maiya)

7. pamala (pamala grooba)

8. baleree (yabonn)

9. brootulbritnee (dana serai, abnormuldersirs666)

10. shanon

11. ashen

we muss be veri karfool abowt theas krool gerls as thay lub too folo us arown an maik us sufa wereba we goo
Country: Australia
Comments (1166)
  • ProudAustralian
    11 hours ago
    G'day to you as well Kevin..you are so right about Tinigossip..she is one very mean American Woman..and her frightening behaviour is beyond compare..she seems to be able to think of all these evil tortures at a flick of a switch..and that is very scary indeed..and her cruelness towards as both has got me shaking in my boots constantly so I do now how you cry alot..because now I'm in the same boat..shedding tears everywhere..to be honest it's a crying shame how someone could be so intently cruel..Anyway Kevin have a real nice afternoon up there in Sydney and may your weekend be a most relaxing one mate...talk again soon

  • GasLightGhoul
    18 hours ago

  • ProudAustralian
    Kevin I hope tinigossip didn't kidnap you and she has you locked in her basement inflicting unforeseen tortures on you mate..that just wouldn't be cricket now would it hahaha Anyway hope all is good otherwise and things are running along nicely up there in Sydney..

  • GasLightGhoul
    2 days ago
    keebin come out where ever you areImage

  • Kandace
    5 days ago
    Happy noo week deerest Kebin. I hope yoo hab in awesum Mondee an deez powerfool krewl gurlz take heed from da kat heer and leev yew alone ! Hugs xoxoImage

  • Heavens_Hitman
    5 days ago
    Mate, that's terrible! A kick in the balls would be very painful indeed. Tinigowsip can't understand how painful that would be because she doesn't have any. Now I want to cry on behalf of Kebin's balls. :(

  • ProudAustralian
    Kevin I totally agree with you about alerting the DIBP and customs at both our airports about tinigossip trying to slip into Oz.to carry out unspeakable tortures on us both..She is not only a very big threat to us both but to the Aussie public as well..this woman is extremely dangerous with evil thoughts on here mind..I'm starting to tremble in my boots just thinking about her evil intentions towards you and I..My nightmares are getting worse thanks to tinigossip leaving all these nasty comments on your page..I might be in for the very same treatment before long..Anyway Kevin I hope you're having a relaxing afternoon mate..take care and have an awesome weekend me Aussie mate LOL

  • NightFright
    7 days ago
    She made you cry ,I hope you have enough tissues to wipe your eyes with. I would take that picture of that girl kicking that guy in the nads very seriously lol.

  • ProudAustralian
    Kevin I see tinigossip is being very cruel towards you again..Oh well she just can't help herself..I hope you don't have any nightmares over this on the weekend..try and not worry too much and enjoy whatever free time you have mate..

  • GasLightGhoul
    8 days ago
    Happy valentines day keebo

  • Lisa
    9 days ago
    Kevin, I wish you a terrific day/evening filled with happy memories.. May the rest of the week be amazing!! :)) xoxo

  • grizzlyten
    9 days ago
    Hello Kebin. I haven't been on very much but finally have some time tonight so am just looking around and seeing who's been here lately. Darn though, it's after midnight here and I have to get to sleep pretty soon. I hope you're well and are enjoying your summer. Take care.