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I Am The Original Red Artistic Knight, who loves Visual Art and Creativity, The Names Is. A.T. Andrei Thomas from A.T. Arttles Pictures Ltd. I'm the main creator of MobeBuds and also an Artist who loves to do sketch drawings in my spare time and other events.
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PLEASE NOTE: that i normally post my videos on Youtube so i'll only post previous seasonal videos from the start of 2018 and beyond, that were from my youtube channel so don't feel surprised if you see the outro end screens on my videos.
DeviantArt: https://ATAndreiThomas.deviantart.com
YouTube: https://youtube.com/ATAndreiThomas
Facebook: https://facebook.com/ATAndreiThomas
Instagram: https://instagram.com/ATAndreiThomas
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ATAndreiThomas
Thanks for Visiting this channel, Peace Out and As Ever, Stay Awesome to the max!
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Comments (5)
  • toastbros
    19 days ago
    it's me ILA721. I saw u responded on Mitch's channel about someone copying ur comments someone did that to me numerous times on vidlii. the person trying to remind me on my old dramas and bring up edray dramas. I've been moving on from all of this dispute I have to realize my own struggles. I don't wanna be putting myself involved in dramas where people think they know u too well just to put u in the middle of their fight just to not understand u. in the end, hurting doesn't do any good in a end

  • hubertgunpowder
    21 days ago
    Welcome back. Great channel !! I friended and subbed. Greetings ~ Hubert ♫

  • NightFright
    21 days ago
    It's to bad that some how Alex couldn't let you change your name on your old channel is their a way you can do that ? You had over 4,000 views and you had a good spot on this website hate to see you in the back field as they say .

  • NightFright
    22 days ago
    If it ain't one thing it's another I have been doing okay with live stream on YouTube more and more people have been using it. I went to vlare and tried it out I follow chris around like I do all you guys lol we all should be at our top peak of success by now I'm Learning new things and seeing where it gets me don't hurt to try.

  • NightFright
    23 days ago
    Hello Thomas what happened to your other channel you have here did you lose your password ?